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Am I going to be thin forever, or will I gain weight as I get older?

Asked by Blackberry (30929points) March 22nd, 2012

Some older people tell me how they were my size when they were my age, and 20 years later they’ve doubled in size essentially.

Obviously, my metabolism will slow down and I’ll have to start watching what I eat and exercise more, but is it really possible for me to gain a lot of weight if I’ve always been this 5’9 160lb guy? That’s a little scary.

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It happens to most people. I used to be able to eat anything and everything and not gain weight. Then I hit 35 and is seemed like I doubled in size overnight.

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There are plenty of very slim, older people so I don’t think there is any certainty that your metabolism will slow down to such a level that you put on weight. My ex could eat huge amounts of food and looked like a stick drawing (it used to piss me off no end). Now, I think he has to watch his food a little more but he is still slim.

Focus on being within a healthy weight range. I think that’s about all you can do.

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I have not doubled my weight in the last 20 years. I weigh about what I weighed when I was in my 20’s. I do have to watch what I eat more closely now but it seems my appetite has decreased along my metabolism. In case it matters I am not overweight and I’m in decent physical shape.

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Life sucks.

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Yup, unless you become aware of it happening and adjust accordingly.

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After you are 40 your metabolism slows so you may have to watch what you eat to retain your boyish figure.

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@marinelife Manly figure…..I think you made a mistake there.

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LOL!! Funny that. We females work to retain our “girlish” figure, the men try to maintain their “manly” figure. Go figure!

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@Blackberry And you are how old, just now?

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@Blackberry I weigh the same as I did in high school. You have to work at it a bit.

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MIlo here; I am middle-aged and just as sleek as I was as a teen-ager.

See here

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@gailcalled – To Milo – And beautiful, shiny fur too.

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@Bellatrix: I probably will not pass this on. He is too full of himself as it is.

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@Blackberry My apologies, sir.

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You will probably gain weight as you get older.

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Your weight is entirely within your control. If you take control of your health and you are willing to eat right, get the exercise that your body needs and lay off recreational drugs and you are lucky enough to not get injured or diseased then you should be able to maintain a good BMI.

I am 61 years old. 5’ 11” and weigh 153 + or – 2 pounds. I’ve weighed the same since high school.

Most folks gain weight as they get older because they just let themselves go. With some effort and luck you’ll be OK.

Good health to you!

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Start checking your weight weekly. If you start gaining, start checking it daily until you get it back to where you want it. Intake calories need to equal outgo calories. Exercise or eat less. That’s the game. You can choose to play or not.

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all three of my brothers did. The one who put it off the longest was my oldest. He was a runner. He hurt his back and gained weight after he stopped running.

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@Blackberry, Today I weigh about 147 lbs and weighed about 140 lbs in high school. I am now 54. I think I have a very fast metabolism.

I used to eat anything and everything in sight, and cleaned my kids’ meal plates too. (I hate food waste!)

But my weight was never a problem.

I’m just a natural skinny-minny.

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Used to be I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight. In my mid-20s, I noticed I could eat whatever I want as long as I got some exercise. In my early 30s, it seemed I could either exercise a LOT and eat whatever I want, or start paying attention a bit to what I’m eating. Now at 36 I have to exercise and will gain weight if I don’t eat smart. If this trend continues, I expect to be an exercise freak one day or a fat fuck.

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@Blackberry I weight very close to what I did in college and that was a long time ago. I watched my weight, and adjusted my meals . I also refused to buy new jeans or changes sizes when they got tight. I wore a 32 inch waist in college and still do. When they get tight I back off on my food consumption. I already get plenty of exercise.
Women’s clothes are different. The manufacturers have been adjusting sizes so women can secretly think “Oh look! I’m now only a size 8! My scale must be wrong by 30 pounds.” when their clothes get tight. Men’s clothes sizes are consistent. A 16 inch neck is 16 inches and has been for 80 years.

Here’s a challenge for you. Pack away one set of clothes that fit you well and only use them as a size reference. See how many years you can go and still have them fit.
Follow Johnnie Cochran’s sage advice: “If the jeans don’t fit, you must a’quit overeating.”

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It’s possible but not inevitable. Most people gain weight as they get older because they’re doing less exercise – they have kids to take care of, a busy job, they don’t have time for sports, clubbing or other strenuous activity any more, they are so stressed with the day that they come home and watch TV instead. That’s why they gain weight.

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A lot of people do gain weight as they age, but not everyone. I sure did, but some of it was due to medical issues which you hopefully won’t have. My best advice is to pick a (healthy and doable) number that you don’t want to go over. If you see your weight creeping up on that number, adjust accordingly. It’s so much easier to prevent the weight in the first place than to lose it! Meantime, enjoy your sexay figure. :)

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I will have to disagree with @gondwanalon just a bit. Although you did touch on the subject of health, “and you are lucky enough to not get injured or diseased”
Luck or chance or fate or genetics, whatever the case may be, can have a huge impact on weight gain. Medications and physical disability can make maintaining weight a much bigger challenge than just self control.
You may be a perfectly healthy and slim 20 year old, but if injury or disease prevent physical activity then it can be very difficult to get proper nutrition and also control weight. Also even if your weight remains the same, your dimensions usually change somewhat with age.

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It happens to everyone as they age and their metabolism slows down. Of course, some people are more prone to weight gain than others. It is possible to mitigate the effects of aging on weight, but you’ll probably find yourself having to watch your diet and exercise more than you do now to maintain your current weight.

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Weigh yourself ever couple of days and make adjustments before you get more than a few pounds out of whack. It is much easier to keep yourself on track than it is to correct large swings that hurt your body and mind in so many ways.

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