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Why aren't there any Microsoft-Rumor websites?

Asked by jonahjoselow (9points) May 25th, 2008 from iPhone

There are dozens of mac / apple rumors websites, however there seem to be no Microsoft ones. Microsoft has tones of cool technologies like photosynth and surface in there labs. Anyone know of any reliable ones? Any help would be great.

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I think the main reason is that people expect innovation to cone from apple. Atleast since the past five years or so. Microsoft is a blah company in a lot of peoples eyes and when they produce new things such as vista people get a little disappointed. My first thought when they make something new is “is this going to work? And will people like it?

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Microsoft can’t keep a secret.

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Because no one wants to guess how bad the next Windows OS is going to be.

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In terms of rumours:

Microsoft withhold very little information from the public, so rumours are almost non-existent for the majority of their product lines.

In addition, Microsoft’s products are often announced well ahead of release, and – Windows Vista being a prime example – launch with fewer features than initially announced. Although Apple undoubtedly release products with a small number of features compared to the original plan, the public are not made aware of what the original plan was.

In Microsoft’s case, falling short of expectations means a degree of disappointment and a lack of demand for press coverage, and in speculation in particular, in the future. In Apple’s case, the public are surprised and are happy to speculate about future releases.

If you are looking for Microsoft coverage, you could check out:

- Digg’s Microsoft section at:

- The Microsoft Developer Network blogs:

- Filter for articles on Engadget with the keyword Microsoft:

- Check out some of Microsoft’s internal blogs:

Hope this helps.

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Because Microsoft generally doesn’t keep secrets. It cannot afford to because of the business sector it is in. We as consumers like the intrigue and anticipation that Apple gives us. Businesses (which make up the majority of Microsoft’s customers) like things to be predictable so they can plan for them. This is why Microsoft shares roadmaps of its products with customers well before they come. If Microsoft already shares everything with its userbase, there isn’t much room for rumors is there? :-)

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Because if they didn’t tell people about Vista before it came out there would be mass suicides following the announcement, people need time to adjust (and stockpile copies of XP)

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because I everyone knows what microsoft is working on. Want to know what’s next for microsoft? Pay attention to wwdc in a few days. That’ll tell you microsoft’s new direction. Just because it’s their direction though, doesn’t mean they can’t trip, fall, and BLEED from trying to do it though. They will. They’re always quite a few steps behind.
“I gueinnovate, you just immitate

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**(can’t edit from iPhone)
“I guess if you can’t innovate, you just immitate. But it’s never quite as good as the original.”

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the reason is there is no need for rumors for Microsoft, just look what apple does and then add about 8 months, and expect it from microsoft

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I guess they aren’t as interesting. :)

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