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Minneapolis Institute of the Arts question: does visiting during Art in Bloom mean you don't get to see the normal exhibits?

Asked by marmoset (1236points) March 22nd, 2012 from iPhone

And what does AIB admission cost? Their site doesn’t say yet.

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The Art in Bloom, like the rest of the museum is free—the foundation raises enough money from supporters to keep the museum free.

It is gigantic— in addition to the exhibits inside, there is an outdoor sculpture garden with the iconic spoon/cherry piece and the Art in Bloom is spread out throughout the museum (some indoor, some outdoor) It only lasts 4 days. If you go, let me know how it is!

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Thank you! Are there any other art galleries in Minneapolis you recommend?

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(Especially if they’re anywhere close to the MIA?)

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Art galleries, no, but..
The Mall of America has the Princess Diana exhibit until June. Her wedding dress is on exhibit along with many things from her life. It costs about $25 per person and entry has to be paid for and reserved online. The MOA can easily be reached from Minneapolis by the Light-Rail Metro train.
The MIA area is about 15 miles east of Hennepin. There are a lot of activities on Hennepin—shops, clubs, etc. If you go down Hennepin to 33rd St, to the Calhoun Lake area, there is hiking, water activities and an oasis of nature in the middle of the city. There is the world’s best used bookstore in that area- Magers and Quinn.

The Mill City Museum near the Guthrie Theater is interesting—it explains about the history of wheat mills in Minneapolis—and the whole mill has been converted into a museum and restaurant. I was surprised how much I enjoyed that museum. The Guthrie’s good for a walk through- there is an overlook inside the Guthrie that people really enjoy.

If you’re willing to go to St. Paul—the Science Museum rocks! I also really enjoyed the Minnesota History Center, also in St. Paul. I’m thinking about more…

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Thanks so much!

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Have a great time! Let me know what you think :)

word of warning… Minnesotans can be polite and forthcoming when it’s part of their job, but overall, they are not known for being a friendly bunch of folk. Don’t be surprised if you encounter a lot of standoffish, reserved personalities.

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