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The nicest thing that someone did for you or that YOU did for someone today?

Asked by Akua (4730points) March 23rd, 2012

A lot of times we come on here and vent, rant and rave or ask for advice about problems but when was the last time we actually wanted to praise all the little (& good) things that happen to us? C’mon flutherers, tell us something nice that someone did for you or to you today? Maybe you did something nice for someone? Let’s talk about those things that most people take for granted. I’ll go first:
This morning I stopped to for gas on the way to work and I was given a free cup of coffee. I said “Really!?” and he said “Yes, for my friend, any morning you never pay for coffee”. That made me feel so good that I passed on the kindness and let people cut me off in traffic. It’s going to be a good day.

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Yesterday, I brewed a pot of Colombian coffee and fixed a cup of it for my wife.

Last night, she did the same for me.

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Today, I’m only one hour into my work day, and prior to that I was alone, so I would say ask me later!

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I gave my colleague a packet of Maltesers!

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@jca It’s okay. you have plenty of time.

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I made an effort to be more outgoing by asking the laundry lady her name. They do my laundry for me and always greet me by name when I come in to drop off or pick up my wash. Being generally in deep thought about something or other I usually don’t engage more than superficially. It occurred to me that I was being insensitive and rude by not giving her the bare courtesy of speaking her name back to her. I’ll be able to do so next time.

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I helped the bookkeeper with a deposit.

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I was shopping at a Khols store which is not near my home, I just happened to be in the area. They gave me a 10 dollar coupon for my next visit which will not be anytime soon. As I was leaving, a woman with a small child was walking in and I gave her the coupon. She seemed very appreciative.

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Just now, I turned on a person who responded to some items I have for sale on C’sList to a cool local shop in my town that carries vintage clothing. She was so excited as she sells vintage clothing in her etsy store.

Made my morning too, I love to see happy excited people! :-)

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I nearly always wash the clothes for other household members (adult grandsons and girlfriend) when I do my laundry, and I always fold any clothes I find in the dryer.

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@YARNLADY That is nice of you! Would you like to fold my laundry too? lol ;-)

Well..I am now going to do something nice for myself. I am going out to buy some giant shrimp and make my favorite garlic shrimp sautee dinner with pasta and veggies, and, because it is Friday I am going to have a few Coronas while I am cooking!
It is my reward for losing 10.8 lbs. in the last 6 weeks!

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You guys are really nice. Who says there is no kindness in the world! @Coloma you deserve your reward, charity begins at home.

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@Akua Why Thank-You! :-)
I truly believe there is more good than bad in this world, we just hear more about the bad. ;-)

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I bought some tickets to go to the cinema a few weeks ago and had some spare, so I gave them to my daughters. They had to be used over the next week and we can’t use them so they may as well have some fun.

Then I went to the cinema to watch a film and while buying a coffee to take in with us mentioned a situation that occurred there a few weeks ago and that resulted in the manager promising us free tickets. We weren’t having a whine and I didn’t want the tickets, that was a throw away line while telling her about the interesting situation that happened. However while engrossed in watching the film, the manager quietly came in and gave us free tickets! We didn’t expect them but it was nice she followed up and he came through with the promised tickets.

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My friend took me out to dinner for my birthday.

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I was riding the Red Line back from Central Square in Cambridge to Park in Boston where I would switch to the Green line to get back to my area near the Haymarket Station. One stop up, at Kendall, a family of three, boarded the train. There were two seats vacant adjacent to me but the train was pretty crowded. I jumped up and offered the dad my seat so he could sit with his wife and young son. I;m a senior citizen and entitled to priority seating. Folks are supposed to get up to let my sorry old ass plop itself down in relative comfort. But I was glad to let this young man from India have my spot, because he was obviously in the middle of answering some complex question his son had asked, and he’d have had a difficult time answering the little one. They were all speaking Hindi, so I haven’t a clue what the kid wanted to know, but they seemed immersed in clearing it up for the child. The smile that emerged as he understood his dad’s answer and mom’s encopuragement was more than suffic ient pay for standing up hanging on to the overhead bar.

Oh, and @Akua I gave you a Great Question for asking this. :-)

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@jca Happy Birthday! And many more!

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@jca HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! @ETpro That was really cool what you did. If someone gave up their seat for me the way you did, I would have gone home in a good mood. I bet after they got off the train he said to his wife “wasn’t that nice what that person did?”
Oh and thanks for giving me a “great question” vote. I don’t get many, lol.

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Happy Birthday fellow Aries woman @jca.

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Nothing, because I’m a recluse.

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