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Name 5 material items that are on your wishlist (things that you plan on getting and not a pipe dream)

Asked by Jude (32098points) March 23rd, 2012


This from my sister.



and a betta fish. =)

My birthday is in a month. ;-)

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I can’t think of anything I want or need right now.

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A bigger TV.
A couch.
A TV stand.
A toaster oven.
A newer smartphone. I have the T mobile G1….....

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I too am furiously divesting. All the stuff I used to think I couldn’t live without

gets dusty
gets broken
gets in the way of a zen place.

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A security (storm) door.
A smartphone (when my upgrade comes due)

That’s about it.

@gailcalled I am also practicing becoming a non-consumer. Money in the bank is better than obsolete, dusty, broken crap cluttering up my house.

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A new porch.
A new driveway.
Lower bathroom turned into a laundry ½ bath.
New floors for our main level.

I actually just purchased some of the things on the wishlist like new doors/storm doors. For x-mas I bought the house a beautiful new mailbox.

My personal wishlist is not materialistic.

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All of those things look pretty cool. :)

I guess, I would like (and plan on getting):

CD set of Handel’s Organ Concerti
CD set of various concerti by Poulenc
A new deck of cards (preferably green Bicycle cards)
new headphones (not sure which brand)
new shorts (maybe not just right now, but I need some >.<

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I’ve been eyeing that Stratford Mikado framed poster for years. My sister has had it since the 80’s. She got to see the play in Stratford whilst in high school.

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@SpatzieLover Home improvement is always a good expenditure. My house isn’t very old and doesn’t need anything. I have already finished the basement, landscaped and fenced, poured cement, and there is nothing else I need in that department.

Except a storm door for the front. :)

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These are on my list:
Xilence Power Rev.3 550W power supply
Intel Core i7 2600
GigaByte GA-Z68P-DS3
2x Corsair Vengeance black (PC1600, 8GB, CL9)
Scythe Katana 3
lg gh22ns90 dvd rw
Samsung Spinpoint 160gb hm160hc
Seagate Barracuda st2000dl003

Need to build a new render slave.

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@ragingloli That looks German to me. ;) I have no idea what any of that means.

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Those are all PC hardware components.

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@Jude welcome to a conversation with my husband ;)

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I am not your husband

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@ragingloli you speak the same lingo

EDIT: @Skaggfacemutt we are thrilled with our new storm door. Who knew such bliss could come from a door. They are made so much better now than they ever have been.

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Some new carpet (thanks, doggies)
New summer clothes
Nothing else, really.

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I can think of 50 I would like to get rid of. I can’t think of anything I need.

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If anyone here is wandering through my neighborhood, stop by and take something.

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How about Milo? Frank needs a pal.

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I said “something” and not “someone.”

However, if Frankie wants a sleep-over and doesn’t mind the second-best bed, tell him he is welcome.

(Very happy that your doggie is feeling better. I did laugh at the photo of his med bill.)

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A smartphone of some sort (I still have a prehistoric phone)
An upgrade for the graphics card on my computer
A cap like this
More e-books for my Kindle (do they count as material things?)

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I just bought a cool new digital camera and other than that, there is nothing I want or need right now.
I kind of WANT a new car, and got excited and started shopping around a few months ago, but, I have decided that with the way the economy is I am going to drive my car til it blows up. lol
It’s still in good shape, has about 75k miles on it and so, if I do anything I think I will drive my older car and opt for maybe some travel this spring/summer.

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A new lens for my camera (I hope for my birthday!)
A Kindle or Nook… I don’t know which one to get and I am still torn about whether I should or shouldn’t.
A pool – by the end of the year.
A new pergola – on the two year plan.
New leather boots.

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Patio furniture, potting soil & Garden supplies, digital camera, A car that’s better on gas, moccasins, a laptop and an area rug for the livingroom.

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I don’t really want anything, but I’m sure I will need one of the following soon as they are each 16+ years old:

• washer & dryer
• dishwasher
• refrigerator
• couches
• bed

Meanwhile, one of my cars and my television are approaching 10 years old.

As the song says, “Something’s gotta give” – or perhaps “go”. :^(

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@cprevite Haha…funny, because JUST, the other night, I became aware that my washer & dryer are almost 6 years old now and the dreadful fear of breakdown came over me. But, they are Maytags, maybe they will hold true to their reputation.

It always seems that the law of 3’s apply, boom!, 3 things all go down in quick succession. haha

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@Coloma: Yes, my wife is petrified that multiples will go at once. I sure hope not.

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@cprevite Yeah, the “multiples”, that happened to me last summer. Sick cat, $600, pump rebuilt on hot tub, $300, and new air shocks on my car $300..all in one week! Bah!

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1. A nice, new army cap.

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A new TV. A modern one that’s compatible with a PlayStation 3.
Zombie bedsheets.
I could use a new coffee maker…mine leaks everytime I make coffee.
I really want this shirt.
A battle axe.

That last one isn’t very plausible, but I’d get one if I could.

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There is nothing I need right now.

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All I have at this point in my life are pipe dreams. Sigh!

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1. An artillery Luger
2. An early WWI pickelhaube
3. A taxidermy peacock
4. An antique, leather topped executive desk
5. A ‘55 Chevy Bel Air (a 50s Willys Jeep is acceptable too)

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@Symbeline I love those sheets and that t-shirt! Fabulous. If it isn’t too rude can you tell me where you can get those. My daughter would LOVE the sheets and the other one would wear the t-shirt (always looking for different Christmas and birthday presents).

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A new catalytic converter, or else a new(er) car
A really nice 1911
A new computer – preferably assembled from state-of-the-art hardware
A furnished apartment for $200/mo. (or a house and enough roommates to do the same)
The hardware that I’m likely to consume in the process of grokking electronics.

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@Bellatrix Here’s for the bedsheets. I’m not entirely sure just how many of these there actually are though…I’m still tryna figure it out. Contacting the girl who made it might be one’s best bet.

As for the Misfits shirt, you can probably get that in a lot of places. Local music stores probably have them, although this is in Canada, I have no idea how that works out in Australia. I’m sure you guys have em though. Hot Topic (lol) also has them, if you guys got those. But if anything, you can order them from the Misfits website itself. Hope this helps. :)

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None of this is remotely attainable at the moment, but they’re just regular things:

A car that doesn’t break down on me every other day.
A new computer (mine is 8 years old, and I’m terrified it’s going to die on me – leaving me unable to work!)
The $2100.00 my tenant owes me (never going to see it, gave them notice GTFO by March 31st), which would help with…
The $8000.00 I owe in taxes (reeaally hoping I’ve made a mistake somewhere.)

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Thank you @Symbeline. I will check them out. If I get things now it saves me a lot of “what on earth will I buy them” later.

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@Jude Hey, good stuff on that list of yours. : )

Here my first ( a book ) second ( a statue ) third ( a music box called Prism )fourth ( headphones ) and fifth ( a Lego fox made by David Cole )

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A house in the Scottish Highlands
A rocking chair
An old fashioned globe
A car/van big enough/safe enough to carry lots of dogs around
A round the world trip

The round the world trip is in my ten year plan and the house in the Highlands is in my twenty year plan.

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Cheese sandwich
Cup of tea
Nice music
Good book
Peace and quiet.

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A functional computer of recent design. (My computer is a 2005 model, and acts like the old fart it is.)

New undergarments. I don’t think I’ve had a properly fitting bra since before I had my son.

A car that has air-conditioning.

Home internet access.

Oh, and the details – A place to live that doesn’t include roommates that steal everything that isn’t bolted to the floor or kept in a locked box.

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After reading some of these answers I don’t feel so bad about having an old computer. I thought everyone had a better (smaller/faster) computer than me.

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I currently have an Intel Core2 Quad, 8GByte RAM, a GTX 285 and almost 2TByte hard disk space. For most applications, it still packs quite a punch. The problem is that Rendering takes up to 3 times as long as my colleagues. I recently rendered a picture of a ruin in a forest. 10 hours for a single picture. Cutting this time to a third would be tremendous.

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An immersion blender (mostly for use with soups)

A regular old citrus juicer, the old fashioned kind where you just twist the fruit over the reamer and the juice goes down into a bowl. I have no need or desire for one of those fancy juicers.

A pair of real ice skates. The “skates” that they rent to you at the rink are more like those hard plastic roller blade boots, not like the figure skates they used to have. They’re just horrible!

Hopefully we can convince my Dad that a DVR is not a tool of the devil and it would be OK to give up that bank of VCR’s.

A new printer for my computer, because my old (not old at all, just conveniently out of warranty) one is for sh*t.

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1. a book
2. a book
3. a book
4. a book
5. a book

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* gives @Jeruba movies *

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@Kardamom I have my own ice skates, and they’ve only been worn twice. What size do you need? PM me. :)

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@augustlan Thanks for the offer, but I’m going to get them at our local pro-shop. You have to get them custom fitted to your feet if you want to do jumps and spins. I used to take lessons when I was a youngster and I still have those skates, but they’re too small : (

My pipe dream is to one day get to skate on the outdoor rink at Yosemite : )

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@SpatzieLover You are right – storm doors today are nothing like they used to be. My daughter and her husband just got one, and it is a wonderful thing. Can’t wait to get mine.

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Thanks, @Nullo. Actually I do cycle through a lot of Netflix. And I am trying to use the library more instead of buying every book I want to read. But aside from groceries and personal items, the next five things I buy will probably all be books.

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A house
Airplane tickets to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Bangkok
A new Android phone
Maxi dresses

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New wish: The money to send my kid to one of her top pick colleges.

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Just bought this and hung it up. An advertising sign from the 1950’s. It lights up!

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Your link doesn’t show up @Jude :(

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That is fricken awesome @Jude. I want something like that for my kitchen with either a coffee or a pasta theme!

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