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Ladies: What's your most prefered way to be approached by a guy at a bar?

Asked by Esedess (3444points) March 23rd, 2012

Do you like a guy to have a drink delivered to you like in the movies? Do you not like guys approaching you in bar settings at all?
Do you like being told that you’re beautiful by some stranger, or does that just make you want to roll your eyes?
etc.. etc…

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I don’t go to bars, once in awhile in the summer at my local tourist hubs for the live music, sooo, I prefer to be approached anywhere, with just a friendly ” Hi, how are you today”, casual and non-invasive “approach.” I don’t do sloppy drunken pick up lines, at all.

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This is a good question in the sense that it’s so subjective. There is absolutely no right or wrong answer. I’ve met the girls who are so knowledgeable and intellectual, but get turned on by physical compliments, and I’ve met non attractive physically girls not get turned on, I’ve met them in either way and anyone can defend their own case that’s for sure. The point of a bar, is for the most part, to drink, and drinking for the most part leads to conversations that are loose. With this logic, we can acknowledge there will be a lot of loose conversation in a bar setting. Some guys will talk with their mouths some with their penis’s. And vice versa, women will do it too, gay men will do it too, lesbians will do it too.

Of all my bar time experience. I’ve noticed just dancing is the best way to get comfortable. If no dance floor is present just the casual pool table invite or “would you like to sit over there? drinks on me” seems to work. But also girls know this, and love to use men for free drinks, with no expectation of bringing the guy home! Haha.

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With a checkbook.
Face it. You want some quick fling, not a relationship. I do not want either. To convince me otherwise, you need to drop some serious coin.

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@ragingloli BRAVO, a fat one too!

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Last year a guy was flirting with me at a Sizzler lunch bar and I later passed him a note on a napkin via the waitress. He was extremely flattered and we went out for awhile, no big romance came of it, but, same goes for women, be bold, take a chance. :-)

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@ZEPHYRA He was joking, and I hope you were as well :/

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@Blackberry of course I was joking!

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Just come sit down say hi and start talking

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Just come on over and start a casual conversation. Introduce yourself.

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Just start talking to me. The physical complements right off the bat and sending me drinks are a bit of a turn-off; there are lots and lots of skeevy guys in bars, so my defenses are up more than usual.

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With a tray with drinks on it for me and whoever I am with. Not really in the market to be picked up by guys in bars. They can sit down and talk to me and whoever I am with though! Always up with a chat for a new person if they are interesting and funny.

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I don’t enjoy social/meeting up situations so if he could just leave his name and number on the table while I go to the bathroom that would be awesome…lol.

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I do NOT like the drink sent over thing. It made/makes me very uncomfortable and I feel like the guy is being a little slimy. I met one guy in a pub I ended up dating a short time. He just came over with a really nice smile on his face and introduced himself. We talked and dance for a few hours at the pub. I had been drinking water, so I ended up driving him home, he asked me in, but all he got was my phone number. He called and we went out on a proper date the next weekend. We ended up just friends. He is one of the nicest guys I know, but we didn’t have anything in common with reading and sense of humour.

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