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Why so many junk files?

Asked by nmguy (528points) March 23rd, 2012

Recently, I purchased some security/maintenance software called Mackeeper 2012. One of its functions is to identify and eliminate junk files. Every day it will find 30–40 junk files, even if I haven’t used the computer in 24 hours.
Why do I keep attracting junk files?

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Does MacKeeper have a log file to tell you which files it’s deleting? IF you give me the names of the files, perhaps I can help you.

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Unfortunately, it only indicates the number of junk files; it doesn’t identify them.

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Spam attachments? Temporary files created during file updates and backups?

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My best guess is that they’re log files. OSX runs on Unix which has many background processes that may be running and logging their activity in the background from time to time.

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Have you tried running it after an hour of running it previously/ Does MacKeeper have online support? I seem to recall they did.

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@ro_in_motion Delete MacKeeper. I was tricked into downloading it too on the speedtest website. I believe the junk files it is finding for you are temp files, 3rd party cookies, things like cache data stuff like that. Things you could already delete on your own.

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I didn’t get MacKeeper –but the OP had. I read enough reviews about MacKeeper that I decided it wasn’t for me.

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@ro_in_motion Ah so sorry! For some reason I thought you were the OP!

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If you want something that will keep your Mac in good condition, I recommend Onyx. There are features where you can customize certain features in your operating system that are not available to modify in Preferences. I have been using it for over three years and I have had no problems with it. Use it weekly, monthly, whenever you like, but I use the application seldom. For the most part, you really don’t need any additional software to keep your mac running optimally unless you are running parallels or a virtual machine with an open operating system.

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