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Why do people giggle about, crack jokes about weed but not about beer?

Asked by Aster (18320points) March 23rd, 2012

Kids, teens and possibly adults laugh about weed, grin if it’s even mentioned, burst into laughter at a billboard reading, “Home Grown”, get into long conversations about it with anyone who will banter with them and basically act like it’s a huge part of their lives? What is the big joke? I never hear anyone giggling about beer or wine. They go to the liquor store and buy it with nary a laugh. Help me understand. Next they’ll have a tv show with people smoking it with thousands tuning in. I have nothing whatever against it ; just want to find out what the grins are all about. Why not just buy it and smoke it like drinking a beer?
If friends brought over a case of beer or bottle of bourbon I wouldn’t even think of cracking jokes. Ever hear anyone pointing to a billboard advertising Bud Light and laughing?

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Because it’s illegal.

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Hehehe, you said Bud.

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You need to expand your circle of friends. Beer jokes are more prevalent here than weed jokes.

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It isn’t friends who do it. It’s family members and strangers.

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Heh heh, you said crack.

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I think the replies are proving my point . Seems like I can’t get many serious answers because the subject is….. pot. HAHAHAA!!!!!! Just sayin

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I’m not quite sure I’m understanding your question. Is there a pun involved? Because it seems like there are more puns with marijuana than with alcohol…

With booze, you get all the giggles out when you’re in your late teens/early 20s. But you’re allowed to make those jokes, so you get it out of your system fairly quickly. Pot is much more taboo, so you have to make the jokes more subtle and underground, so that only those who will be ok with pot talk will even get it. The chances for making pot jokes are much more rare, so you don’t get it out of your system as quickly.

Also, pot tends to bring on the giggles in a way booze does not.

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I think it could be that @FutureMemory has a point.
In the Netherlands, where usage of pot is not illegal, I don’t see the same behavior concerning the giggleability about weed.

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@Aethelflaed I drank a lot of beer in high school but don’t recall talking about it or laughing; at least not very much. Certainly it was never a cause of great discussion.

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@Aster It seems like jokes about booze are pretty common on my campus…

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@Aethelflaed they weren’t common on my campus. It was there, we drank it and no jokes or discussions followed.

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@Aster That sounds really sad. How do you figure out if you like merlots or cabernet sauvignons if you never discuss it? Half the fun of drinking is the funny, silly, goofy, giggly conversations it inspires…

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I don’t care for merlots or sauvignons so no discussion there! I didn’t mean that drinking didn’t cause us to laugh at all when we drank it. I’m saying that sober individuals crack jokes about weed but don’t do the same when speaking about alcohol. And no; high school and college were anything but sad. lol

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Beer just isnt funny.

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Comparing Beer and Weed is like comparing a Honky Tonk and Planetarium Laser Light Show.

They are totally different animals.

ftr beer is fucking hilarious

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Also partly, I suspect, because people are so uptight about it, which is laughable. You saw the last Q relating to weed, didn’t you? That was too ridiculous NOT to laugh at.

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I’ve also heard crack jokes. ;-)

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Weed is more taboo. You can openly discuss drinking at work, but not smoking weed.

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I can’t say people I know do laugh and joke about marijuana use particularly.

People do find beer and beer drinking funny though.

Beer drinking and its effects and how they make people behave can be very funny or at least beer bottles.

For the love of alcohol! Beer can be funny.

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This isn’t something I’ve ever really seen. All I ever hear are comments that praise both by those who like them. oh man I got the munchies!

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Here’s the other side of the coin.

I come from an alcoholic prone family. Nobody wants to laugh about booze, while they can let it rip for some weed joke.

Yes, I smoke the janga, but I did not die drunk. and that’s the sad truth.

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I hear plenty of jokes that include being drunk, drinking, and beer. Maybe you just hang out with the weedy crowd.

I laugh about jokes that are funny, but not stupid.

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Because it’s a real trip joking about weed. And beer is, well, beer.

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Pot is associated with funny times/chill times. Beer in my neck of the city is associated with ruthlessness, bravery, and loudness. I don’t know though my friends don’t really laugh when bud is mentioned… it’s more like, bud? yeah? let’s smoke it? ok cool, then we get deep into conversation. and then we also laugh about things but yeah, that’s all i got for your answer.

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Because weed makes you laugh and alcohol just makes you agro!

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