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If I use a wireless headphone so as not to disturb with my surround sound, would I still feel and enjoy the subwoofer's rumble?

Asked by mazingerz88 (27049points) March 23rd, 2012

A friend suggested to use a wireless headphone so I could still watch late at night and not bother the neighbors upstairs. But would I still get the same surround sound experience-? Thanks.

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No… for that you need a big bass speaker that will surely not fit in your head phone.

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Yes. I use these headphones when I play games late at night because my parents were nagging and giving me lectures because of the sound system I’ve got ! I decided to get the headphones and give them a shot. The ones I’ve got aren’t wireless but the wire is pretty long and the sound quality is amazing and I can’t stress out how good they are.

My friend uses these and it’s as good as the one I’ve got.
@whitenoise I’m going to disagree with you there because most wireless headphones these days do employ the surround-experience. It does vary from headphone to headphone though!

@mazingerz88 Check out the reviews for both of the links I mentioned above. They might be a little bit expensive but definitely worth it.

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Has the question been edited? I thought I read about rumble. guess I’m a bit confused, here

For surround sound… yes your Tbag is right. For the rumble and shake, you need bass.

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I refuse to buy any headphones/earbuds that don’t go down to 15hz, and I prefer 10. Many only go down to 20, and I’ve seen some that bottom out at 100 or even 150; totally unacceptable. The nice thing about getting older is that I no longer need ones that can also hit 18–20khz; my high-range hearing now only goes to ~15khz, which most headphones can hit. The trick is finding a set that has even response throughout that range. I usually test that by playing Genie by Airbase; it has some tone sweeps in it that aglow me to test for dead spots.

But while those allow you to hear the bass, they cannot compare to a decent subwoofer because they don’t hit you in the chest; they only hit your eardrum. While far better than nothing, you can’t get a true rumble unless you are willing to shake the house.

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@jerv @whitenoise @Tbag Thanks so much guys! Got the info I need. : )

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