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Marital finances/credit history question.

Asked by marmoset (1100points) March 24th, 2012 from iPhone

In the credit report of a married couple in the U.S., does all recent activity for both people show up (even from before they were married)?

For example: John has debt A and debt B. Debt A is written off as bad, then John marries Jane, then Debt B is written off as bad. Do BOTH bad debts, A and B, now show up as points against them on both of their credit reports? Or does only debt B show up on both their reports?

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No. The three credit bureaus in the US look at individual’s credit; not married couples an in individual entity. If a couple has a joint debt, like a home purchase; the debt shows up on each individual’s credit report.

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Neither Debt A nor Debt B will show up on the new spouse’s credit report unless they were taken out under the names and social security numbers of both spouses. My divorce left my credit in tatters, my husband continues to maintain an very impressive credit score in spite of my pathetic numbers.

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If it is an individual account, then it shows up only on the owner.
Joint debts on both.
Use your ability to check it free with all 3 bureaus once a year. Dispute any conflicts.

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Don’t trust any of them. I’ve seen tons of screw ups.

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@Adirondackwannabe good point and agreed. but sadly these 3 reports hold significant weight and you need to review and dispute and correct any anomolies. Employers pull these on prospective new employees. Get them correct.

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I think I’m not understanding something basic. In this example, are you saying John’s credit issues don’t affect Jane’s credit rating at all?

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(This is assuming John’s credit issues concern only debts incurred solely in his name.)

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My husband’s credit scores are totally separate from my credit scores. If he would quit paying on a loan or a credit card in his name and the debts went into collection, it wouldn’t have any effect on my credit scores.

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