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If you could temporarily change your gender, would you?

Asked by ro_in_motion (2243points) March 24th, 2012

Let’s go for a magical question: Suppose you could quickly and painlessly become a member of your opposite sex. Everything about you would change so you were definitely a physical male or female. You could stay that sex for as little or as much as you wish. Would you do it for the sake of finding out how the other sex lives?

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Not sure. I’d love the “here’s your dinner” aspect of it but not the part where I’d be looking at / approaching women. Unless you mean that I’d automatically be attracted to women if I changed into a male . I have really liked being female, being pregnant and caring for babies! I would not want to be a breadwinner, though or be changing oil on cars or having to appear macho.
I guess what I’d like is a full time maid and cook. Much better than becoming a man. I live a pretty pampered life now and admit to liking it.

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Yes. I want to play with my boobs and stick things up my hoo-hoo.

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I find men wildly exciting but I’m not in the least bit interested in being one. I love being a girl. Having a penis would freak me out though. I don’t know how they walk with those things, I can imagine having some painful zipper mishaps.

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I don’t think so. I’m happy being a woman and have no desire to go to the dark side and become a man! :)

If I want to know what it’s like being a man, I can ask my husband of 41 years .. but I’ve lived with him so long .. I think I already know!

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No, thank you. I enjoy being a girl. albeit, an “old” girl.

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Sure – the more I can learn about life the better. (Besides, I’ve always fancied peeing my name in the snow.)

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Temporarily- for sure! I’d be fascinated to see how it’s different. But in the end, I’d probably want to go back to being myself.

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Temporarily, yes. It would be interesting to experience sexism and the present war on women we’re experiencing here in the US.

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@janbb I’ve done the peeing my name thing. It’s great. I just can’t handle the period thing. I’ll stay male.

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You’re conflating sex with gender…

Yes. And then, I’d use my powers for evil.

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I don’t think that I would make a very good woman and would probably run to the emergency room on my first period. No thanks, I’ll stay a guy and leave the hard work to the women.

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Definitely, as long as I could change back. I wouldn’t want to stay trapped in a man’s body forever.
Single orgasms, wtf?

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I think I’d pass, girls are nothin’ but trouble, I says.

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No, I don’t want a penis.

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I’d spend the entire time caressing my titties so they make glorious parp sounds….so that’s a yes then.

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Well, it would give me a better shot at Jodie Foster…

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I say yes!! I would definitely want to experience what it’s like to have a male body. But I would want to be somebody really hot that all the girls would clamour for! I actually asked a similar question here

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It would be great fun for a day to play with my own rack, provided it isn’t the same age as I am. I want a perky one. And naughty bits as well. So, if I could switch out and be a young nubile chick, I’d be all over it. Old saggy one not so much.

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Yes, and I would be a slut, too.

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@Blackberry You’re getting a STD and croaking at 30.

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I agree with @FutureMemory. It would be fun to play with my boobs for awhile. But the idea of sticking things up my hoo-hoo would seem crazy unsanitary. I’d get grossed out and go right back to putting stuff in other people.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought Awww come on, what about all the things you constantly put in your mouth?

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Only if I could grow a mustache.

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@FutureMemory I can spit them out if I am using my mouth.

If you are imagining my lips and mouth right now, I am asking you to please stop

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Nope. The temporary would end up like John Lenon’s lost weekend. 2 days would turn into 2 years.

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@Adirondackwannabe A responsible slut*

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Nope. I’m rather content with being a lady!

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No. Can’t say I have any desire to be a man. I like being a woman!

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought You know you can squeeze things out with your vagina, right?

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@Blackberry I so want to spend a weekend with you pub crawling.

Imadethisupwithnoforethought's avatar

@Aethelflaed in theory, but I have had no practice.

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@Imadethisupwithnoforethought I don’t think most women ‘practice’ this ability. Well ladies who can fly ping pong balls around the place probably do. Otherwise, I suspect it is just one of those things we know we can do.

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Yes, I would absolutely do this experiment. I think it would be fascinating. There’s a book of short stories written by men called Chick for a Day (which is the follow up to a book of short stories written by women called Dick for a Day) about exactly this. What I find interesting is how excited the men writing the stories are about it (which is in contrast to the women’s stories in the original book). Many of the men are disappointed to change back, whereas most of the women are relieved. Personally, I’m fairly confident I would eventually want to return to being male. It would be a great experience, though.

@Aethelflaed The word “sex” isn’t allowed in titles. The details use the correct word throughout, and surely changes in physical sex are closely tied in to issues of gender for many people whatever we think of their actual domains.

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If I could change my biological sex for a day, then I would consider it. But I do not have a gender to change because I do not gender myself.

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@FutureMemory, I’ll give my boobs a good squeeze for you.

@Blackberry, why would you be a slut if you were a girl? Do you think sex is more awesome for the ladies? Or you would just enjoy more access to sex?

I would totally be a dude. Starting the next time I get cramps.

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@FutureMemory The novelty of boobs fades shockingly quickly when their your own boobs. But then you put them on someone else, novelty comes back.

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@Aethelflaed, I don’t know, I admire my boobs at least once a day. Usually more. Guess I’m pretty vain.

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@nikipedia I admire them in the mirror, but playing with them… I dunno, I get too rough and hurt myself. I’d much rather squeeze a friend’s.

@Bellatrix What? I thought all women were supposed to practice our kegals, lest we mature and find our bladder control lacking…

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I’d still say what I said here:

I sure would. I would love to have a glimpse of how everything looks from an entirely other perspective. Good week, bad week, wouldn’t matter. I’d probably learn more in the first fifteen minutes than I could get out of twenty well-chosen books.

See also here for another selection of answers.

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Doing your kegals is one thing, I don’t think we practice pushing things out of our vaginas though @Aethelflaed although of course there are weights and other devices you can use to try to hold things in to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

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In a heartbeat. I think I’d be a much better lover if I knew exactly how the things I like to do feel to her.

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Not sure, but I’d change species any day!

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@fundevogel Ha, yeah. I myself would see if I could grow a badass ZZTop beard, then put braids in it.
I’d do it, to see what it’s like. Can’t begin to imagine if I really think about it. I’m just curious to know what I’d look like lol.

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You’d look like a Berserker. I have ideas about what you should do with your beard….

Berserker's avatar

Holy crap! I love that guy’s triple braid thing on the far left. And check out his hair lol. Also the second guy right of the leader has got something funky going on. Plus the dude with the X scar on his forehead, I’d want a beard kind of like his. when is this movie coming out anyways, if ever? I always loved the dragon, but damn these dwarves are rockin it. and look at all those sexy weapons

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I know! Rad right? I like the one with the black and white braids. It looks like he’s wearing some sort of animal on his head.

As I posted that I wondered if there actually was a Hobbit movie or if it was just the premise of an extensive cross-platform narrative about making the Hobbit. Seriously. Jackson’s production reports have their own arc. At the end he will have created a shit-ton of DVD extras but no actual movie. It is a natural progression from Forgotten Silver.

Berserker's avatar

Lmao. Yeah. This was to be a movie, but last I heard, production was dropped. Well if we don’t get a movie, at least we have this cool picture of some dwarves.
If there is a movie, I wonder if they’ll include that werebear lumberjack guy.

They better.

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I don’t remember the werebear lumberjack. But that wouldn’t be something I’d want to pass up. It looks like production wasn’t dropped—they finished shooting. They’ll be in post now generating all of Middle Earth and painting out stray beard hairs.

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Well it was a long time ago I read the book, but I remember something about a bear saving some main characters, who was obviously and actually some guy living in a shack and put up the hobbits for the night. Or like, something. Then in the morning he was all like, yall gtfo y’hear?
So this movie still going on? Not that I been following news lately, but if it is, cool. :)

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The character you guys are talking about is named Beorn.

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For sure. Read The Sex Gates; great novel about this idea.

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Absolutely! I’m always interested in what other people’s lives are like, and men are no exception.

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I definitely would change for a short time, just to have that experience, but be sure I get changed back!

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@nikipedia Yeah, easier access. I meant it’d be easier for me to find more sex as a woman.

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@FutureMemory There we go, that’s him. Thanks. :)

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I would totally do this, yes, for curiosity’s sake, but also, because it’d be a good experience. I’d be that much closer to understanding everything!

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Why should I want to stop being able to multi-task and risk getting Man Flu?

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Can you ‘define’ “TEMPORARILY”, is it ‘at will’ or for a period of time, every now & then?
YES, I’d LOVE TO EXPERIENCE LIFE AS A WOMAN!! Wearing silky lacy lingerie and having sex with men & women…. Oh, yes, I’d love that!!

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