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What would a videotape show if you had been recorded for the last 24 hours?

Asked by blueiiznh (16683points) March 25th, 2012

Would your face be long or glowing? Would your chest be sunken or beaming? Would you move like a nervous robot or an ebullient lover?

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My face would be long because all I’ve been doing is studying for a Biology final!

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Just me watching TV, YouTube, and Fluthering, eating and sleeping. Some shock, disgust, drowsy boredom and smiling and cola drinking.

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I was irritable in the morning when I had to clean yesterday because I was still tired. Then I got through my cleaning and we had some friends/family come over that we hadn’t seen in a bit, so I was happy. Then in the middle of the night I woke up sleep and I’ve been sick all morning this morning, so nothing really exciting to see.

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You’d see me vacuuming with my face a little scrunched up due to allergies to dust kicked up.
Then you’d see a mild look of wonder while watching a documentary about the Eames, Charles and Ray, who were some of the most influential U.S. designers in the 60’s 70’s 80’s.
Then you see my delight watching a surreal play “All Hands” by the Hoi Polloi company.

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For the past 24 hours? About 12 hours of sleeping off a migraine after 3 hours of a scrunched up face, trying to deny the migraine away. I woke up, though, to a good dream, so you’d see a grin in there somewhere :D

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A growing sense of peace, confidence in myself and ability to make a rewarding life. Oh – and my beautiful Scottie print flannel nightgown!

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A demonstrative video for psychiatry students depicting true madness.

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It would be boring, for the most part, though I did get out and enjoy the unseasonal sunshine. It’s like July here.

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I don’t know how my face may have looked, but I was busy working my butt off most of the day.

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It would show me just hanging around the house on a stormy day, in the shower, half dressed with jammy pants and tank and sweat jacket. It would have shown me eating an Amys organic pizza, sitting in my hot tub, talking on the phone with a couple of friends/family, browsing fluther, watching an Indie flick, talking to my cats, examining myself for poison oak, yep, I have a few spots, thanks cats sucking on two cherry tootsie pops, and my face would be, well, my face. ;-)

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It would show me just being kind of tired after all of the driving yesterday after the funeral on Friday. OH! But the highlight would be me jumping out of bed at 9:30 this morning freaking out thinking it was Monday and I was WAAAAY late for work! It took me 5 minutes to realize that it isn’t Monday, at which point I went back to bed for another two hours. :) I brushed my teeth, started the coffee and everything thinking it was Monday!

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@Dutchess_III I hate when that happens. All dressed up with no place to go.

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All day yesterday felt like Sunday, too. But to wake up in that mindset is a little disconcerting!

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It would show me turning into a werewolf.

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It would be a look of angst. Yesterday I did my taxes, and today I’m waiting for a service technician to come out to the place where I’m house sitting to fix the alarm that accidentally went off yesterday while I was out doing my taxes.

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Angst is one of those words…I always think of a cow when I see it…So, you looked like a cow yesterday? That’s sad.

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@Dutchess_III A cow? Cows usually have such sweet docile faces. Have you seen lots of angst ridden cows?

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It would show me wake up at noon, spend an hour looking as if I’m sleep walking whilst brushing my teeth and changing my clothes, eating jam loaded toast, watching TV for hours, eating junk food and jelly sweets for the remainder of the day, and lazing about with a book, just before going to sleep. + swallowing my cod liver capsules and drinking milk.

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LOL! Do ya take the cod liver capsules for your health @MilkyWay?! Hey…get off your lazy butt and come over here and help me rake leaves!

@Kardamom “Angst” is just so close to “Angus.” Ya know.

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^^ Oh! LOL

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Random routine happenings coupled with rampant sex sessions.
Oh & I had a giant shit just this past hour.

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@ucme We’ll take your word for it, but no need to share the video. lol

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It’s an honest account, no shitting.

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It would show me spitting food out twice from laughing while at McDonalds early this morning for a classy breakfast. The people there were all super weird, and we were really amused. I got drunk last night and passed out on my friends couch while watching the cooking show “Two Fat Ladies” around 11 last night…...I also played Scrabble in the park, and many other fun thangs. so if you watched my tape from the past 24 hours you’d think I had a super jam packed life full of fun adventures. :)

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It’d be awfully dull I’m afraid. A lot of moping about followed by a stint of reading for a paper I’ve been writing, followed by more typing of the paper. I got dressed later on in the day and went to a supermarket to stock up on groceries.
Oh dear :/
If accompanied by the right music, I’m sure it’d make for quite the film bleu

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@Dutchess_III Yes master…. I mean mistress. Right away.

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