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What is a flowchart?

Asked by coastiegirl96 (630points) March 25th, 2012

Okay, I have to do a web site design, and I guess you could call this a brainstorm.. I have to use a “flowchart” I don’t know what a flowchart is, or anything. I looked it up and it just looked very confusing to me. Any help explaining, if possible? It looked like the format that teeny bopper magazines use for quizzes. I don’t know how this will help me brainstorm, nor how to use it. Help, please.
What is a flowchart, and how do you use it to brainstorm?

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Here is a complete tutorial on flow charts.

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@marinelife Ohmygosh, I cannot thank you ENOUGH. ^^

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Flow charts are also used to show the hierarchy of a business. The president is at the top and then it shows who reports directly to him or her, and then who reports to those who report to the people who report to the president, and so on and and on, down to the lowliest employee, like the clerks at Walmart. That would probably be the easiest thing to make. Create a fictional business with, say, 100 employees. (Put me at the top. Put @SpatzieLover at the bottom!! MUWHAAA!! :) I’d like to see it when you’re finished.

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@Dutchess_III Hahahahah! That would be funny! It’s for a web site design lol.

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flow chats show the flow of something, usually a process. Web site design is a process. You need to do certain things in a certain order in order to get it done.

First thing you do is brainstorm all the stuff you need to do. You can put each task on a card. Then you order the cards. What do you have to do first? What are the things that can’t be done until other things are done? You put your task cards in order, then you put little arrows going from one to the next (or nexts), and you have your process flow chart.

Just for example. You probably don’t want to publish the website before you have any content. But you knew that.

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I’m guessing the flowchart in this case should show the ‘flow’ of the users’ experience.
Top-left box is the home page with a few “decision” boxes branching from that (go to ‘about’, go to shopping cart, go to “today’s news”, go to archive). Within each category determine the activities available and how the user choices affect what they see next, and what new choices they have available.

@marinelife That is an outstanding reference!

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