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What is the best way to get rid of the smell of vomit from a car?

Asked by filmfann (47841points) March 25th, 2012

Yesterday was my sons 25th birthday.
Today he needs to clean up his girlfriends car.
‘Nuff said.

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Clean the vomit, then use baking soda

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After shampooing, you might try an enzyme product like Natures Miriacle. If that doesn’t work, open up a few bags of charcoal in the back seat for a week or so.

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Oh god, this question brings back tons of memories for me.

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I’d try Febreeze, and leaving the windows open.

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Had plenty of experience in this area with drunks under arrest.

Wash as much out with soap and water. Use gloves.

Let it dry. Buy Natures Miracles and let it soak thoroughly, even dripping wet, You want the enzymes to go the same path as the vomit, Let it dry and in a couple of day, your vehicle should be voit odor-free.

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Clean up the debris with a rag, then use some Resolve Stain Fighter if there’s any discoloration. Then spray it with one of the many lovely scents of Febreze, may need to spray it more than once, after the first application dries. Febreze is pretty good, I’ve cleaned up poopy, farty, urine scents with it and it’s great!

I got pets and sick relatives. Ill, not twisted.

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Tell the MIL to start using a taxi from now on, no more lifts for you m’dear.

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You don’t. You leave it and hope she learns from the experience.

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get a new car.

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