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Anyone know how Words with Friends works?

Asked by janbb (60254points) March 25th, 2012

Is it only available to play on Apple products or is there a version you can play on a lap top? Is the free version fine? Do you have to use it through your Facebook account?

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I know that there is a version on facebook. Also on the iTouch and I think the Android. Yes, it’s an app. I believe it’s free, though I’m not sure.

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I use it on my ipad and android phone. I have the free version, but you have to deal with the ads then.

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I play through Facebook and an app on my phone (Android). You can link from your phone to a Facebook account if you have one, but you don’t have to. The app was free when I got it for my phone.

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just don’t use it after buckling up in an American Airlines airplane while taxiing, if you know what mean.

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It’s just like Scrabble, you can play it on Facebook.

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If you don’t have an Apple or Android device you can play it on Facebook on any computer, for free (there are ads on the free version).

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