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Any VERY easy low mess Easter Egg coloring ideas?

Asked by keobooks (14303points) March 26th, 2012

My daughter is 18 months old and I think she’d like coloring eggs for the first time. However, the idea of the usual dye scares me. I just saw a Youtube video of toddlers dying eggs and it looked awful. So what could we do with her that was low mess/high fun?

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I should mention that if it stays unseasonably warm, we will go outside with her naked or diapered only and just let her go to town on the eggs and then dunk her in the kiddie pool afterwards. But I’d like an indoor backup plan.

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Hw about stickering the eggs instead of dying them? Or you dye them pastel colors, and then let her sticker them?

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Decorate her with edible food coloring and then have a messy and rowdy bath.

She probably won’t remember much of anything before she is three.

As long as she giggles…that’s what counts.

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I’ve seen kits where your pour the dyes into a clear plastic bag, drop in the egg, tie off the bag, and shake. Makes kind of a tye dye egg.

You could fill the bags.
Let her drop in the white egg.
You tie off the bag.
She can shake the bag.
You pull out the egg.
Ta Daa!! Pretty egg like magic.

This way, she never touches the dye.

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I like these ideas. It wasn’t that I was worried about her getting dirty—it was the house. I’m not the best housekeeper and I know that if we got dye in the kitchen, we’d keep finding it until NEXT Easter.

I really like the bag idea and I think we could do that outside too – maybe put some water soluble glitter in there too.

I know she won’t remember it, but she can still have fun with it.

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When my son was smaller, he did stickers and crayons. At age 6, he still wants to do stickers and crayons, plus traditional dyeing.

We do one dozen of just silly faces and silly hair. Another dozen with flowers drawn on and sayings such as “Happy Easter” or “Happy Spring!”.

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How about shrink-wrapping them. Your little one is so young that she is going to make a mess if she interacts with the egg at all. If you let her do stickers and crayons, you know she is going to squish the egg. If you do the shake type, she is going to want to touch her creation and get dye all over her hands, face, clothes, table.

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Get her some colorful plastic eggs and put little treats inside. Hide just a few. My nearly 3 year old granddaughter was here a couple of weeks ago. I had an Easter basket for her. We hid those plastic eggs and had a lot of fun. I took 10 at a time and would count them out in front of her and tell her to go hide her eyes and I’d hide the eggs so she could find them. We would scream out the numbers “one” to “ten” (sometimes she came to find the eggs while still counting to ten. I’d hide them on the window sills and on the sofa and in low, obvious places.

We colored boiled eggs with markers. It was a real blast for Granny.

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my parents used to let me draw on them with crayons, and then they dipped them for me in coloring. Made a cool effect, and the part I did wasn’t messy.

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Put the dye in the kiddie pool, and put them both in there.

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@josie omg, that sounds hilarious. Definitely a handycam moment. XD

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