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Is there really someone for everyone?

Asked by babygalll (2748points) May 25th, 2008

Do you fluther buddies believe that there is someone for everyone out there?

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Yes, and I already met her. The key is to meet someone that likes you for you. I know that has been so many times before, but it is so true. If you meet a girl, you don’t want to be fake to win her over, you be you and stick it out until you see if you truly like her for every aspect and if she sees you the same way, good job bro.
So never be anxious, let it play out.

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No. According to god men and women must join. Since there is a a different number of men and women we can’t all possibly have a partner. So we can’t all have partners.

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yes I really believe so. I have my girl. She is amazing.

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wow. @johnpowell – you just depressed the he’ll out of me.

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If you are lucky…...

I believe I have found my man – for the rest of my life (well better be, I married him LOL).

Some people just like to be alone, therefore, it will balance the numbers that mean to find someone, so don’t be depressed.

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I believe so. I hope it doesn’t take you as long as it took me to find my true love (nearly 50 years and several previous “also-ran” partners). I sure wish I had met her a long time ago, but thankfully, I finally found her.

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Actually sometimes, I kinda want lots of “somebody” – why do we only have to have ONE? LOL

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Definitely not. And yet, I consider myself a romantic.

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Or the whole god thing is bullshit.


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I think if you truly want someone, you will find someone. The best love relationships have friendship as a base. Also, some things come to you when you have stopped actively looking. Fill your life with interesting things and people, and someone may find you.

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If you were able to travel through every country in the entire world, there would have to be at least 1 person that would have mutual feelings for you.

But if you stay in the same city/country/culture/language you may not find that person. I guess if you were just to look at the numbers then no, there isn’t someone for everyone, because there are more women than men. However, this isn’t really the case, is it?

I believe that over the course of a lifetime we have many different romantic relationships, any number of which that could be with the ‘one’. So if every person on earth has the possibility of, say, finding 3 people, any one of which could be the ‘one’, then you must have a pretty reasonable chance of finding someone.

I think I’ve had far too much coffee for one morning…..

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I’m starting to lose hope.

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Don’t give up…give it 50 years! It worked for me!

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Yup. My folks got it wrong and then got it right the second time. When you find it you find it.

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I believe there’s lots of people for each of us. Some people disagree; they like to think there’s just one person out there for each person on Earth. Maybe those people like to think this because love seems more magical this way. For me, love is plenty magical without the bullshit.

(I’m a cynical romantic, apparently.)

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I want to second JohnPowell’s argument, except that I prefer to cite 3rd grade math rather than god in support of the reasoning.

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I hope so. Then again….

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don’t I wish it was that easy…

sometimes there is more than one person for some, however you really seem to be the one that has too many…

But yes I do believe there is someone for everyone, but that can change as you grow and change as people. The right someone may not be in 10 years or so. With people living longer, there is more chance your someone will not last you your entire life.
And then just to throw a wrench in there, your soul mate may not even be a human. It could very well be your cat, your dog, your bird, – we are talking about soul mates not sex mates here.

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there is many people for everyone.
Finding the correct one is the task.

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dont forget that many people are in relationships and married to people of the same gender, so it doesnt matter how many women and how many men there are…..

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No, many people go to their graves unmarried or unloved, either by choice or by fate. Even when you think you have found the person who is “the one” turns out they are not. Look at the divorce rate. Did not mean to bum you out, but a fact is a fact,

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Doesn’t that mean that some people make poor decisions, and not necessarily a reflection of the possibility of finding a compatible person?

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I don’t think its about making poor decisions. Most divorced people really had strong intentions of ” till death do us part” and were truly in love when they committed to each other, thier plans did not work out for whatever reason. So yes they had “found” the soul mate, but “lost” them at some point of the journey.

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Maybe there are multiple someones for everyone—that would make up for the gender discrepancies addressed by johnpowell. I find it hard to believe that there is “the one” because if that “one” dies, we’re screwed for the rest of our lives. That would suck. I realize that we could love a past partner more than our current (or future) one, but that doesn’t mean they are not what is supposed to be… destiny and all that crap.

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Why can’t you have more than one soul mate over the course of a lifetime? Who put the cap on one?

Maybe you can have multiple soul mates. Each one corresponding to the life you’re leading at that moment. Live love now, not later.

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No. I have seen enough people get divorced.

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Yes, there is someone for everyone who really wants someone. You have to visualize your person. You will find your mate. And sometimes you are surprised by who it ends up being.

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Nah just something created to sell more Hallmarks

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I’m not too sure. =[

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could there be someone for who we should have and someone for who we think we should have. I have know that to be two very different people.

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Very good point.

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No, there isn’t really the perfect person for anyone. To be human is to be flawed, and human love must be flawed. But two people can be (and often are) well suited to ignore / look past each other’s flaws.

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My grandma told me that there was a perfect person for me & that that person was far from perfect. Loving someone is as much a choice as a “magical” feeling.

So, I think I have found my perfect person & I think he is perfectly imperfect. Kinda like me.

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@ LunaFemme – Your grandma was a smart one. that was a great saying and it looks like you got her smarts!

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unfortunately no, those who already have a partner easily say, but no unfortunately relationships seem to be only for certain people not everyone, if you’re in one good for you but if you are still alone in your 30’s-50’s get use to it, many deny this fact of ending up alone.

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I think there is someone for everyone, but sometimes we fail to look in the right places, and miss our chance.
@phone35 many people find the love of their lives later in life. A good friend of mine married at 42, and she is very happy. Also, my had no one until I came along in his 45th year, so I think it’s best to never say never.

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An aspiring actor/filmmaker in the late 90s challenged himself to go on 20 Dates to test his question. He made a film of it called “20 Dates.” Several flamed out spectacularly, but he found someone and was so in love that he never completed all 20 dates.

So there is probably lots of “perfect matches” out there. He didn’t date everyone in LA, he only dated up-teen single, available, age-appropriate, heterosexual women. So as long as you do some basic narrowing down, you may be only a dozen or so dates away.

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Yes statistically there is just look the world is really big.

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Fuck No! Have you seen some of these people? Not just looks but their actions. Hell no! they die virgins.

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I think there is one perfect person in the world for everyone, and these relationships are the only ones that can achieve the highest level of long-term happiness. However, I think there are several others that you can have an enjoyable life with but you’ll be selling yourself short to let yourself end up with them.

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I’m not sure, but I wish you the best in finding someone perfect for you.
Good luck!

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I believe there’s a person for everyone so grab on the one you love and hold onto him/her as they say there’s plenty of fish in the sea

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@emilyrose so true! that @johnpowell reminds me of that lady in The Mist who crazed about the bible and got lots of people in trouble XP dont worry though. its ok to be straight.

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I really hope so.

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it’s all about “having your ducks lined up” (having your life in order), knowing what you want, and making the most of (i.e. being ready and willing when opportunity presents itself) opportunities present themselves.

It’s got NOTHING to do with fate, karma, the stars, the cards, etc.

Just live your life by setting and achieving your personal goals, and you WILL find happiness: if you find someone to share the journey to achievement with you, that’s great, because you will have achieved happiness. If you don’t find someone to share the journey to achievement with, that’s great too – because you will have STILL achieved happiness!

Remember, that sharing a life with someone is just one kind of existence, and it’s not only the best way to live, just another way to live. And also remember that many businesses have a vested interest in us Finding That Someone, because if we do hook up, THEY WILL MAKE MONEY OUT OF IT, our hopes and feelings and thoughts don’t matter to them at all.

When I die, I’d rather be remembered for having a happy and fulfilled life, and not remembered for being single/married/successful/failed.

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