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What has spring been like so far where you live?

Asked by flutherother (32678points) March 26th, 2012

I am curious because Scotland saw the warmest March day on record on Sunday at Fyvie Castle with 22.8C, and this was surpassed today at Aboyne which reached 22.9C (73 Fahrenheit) We are getting beautiful warm weather here and the trees are just beginning to bud.

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Everything is budding and there are flowers everywhere. It’s surprising, because I’m in Colorado. It’s been regularly warm for almost a month now….we’ve had multiple days over 70 degrees and this week the highs are in the high 70s! It’s so beautiful out right now! Best spring eva.

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Much warmer than normal with lower rainfall.

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Around ten days of high 60’s to mid-70’s. Warm, sunny goodness.

Today, coats and long pants were needed.

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Sunday it was finally warm enough for me to be motivated to work on the lawns. I was out all day, weeding and pulling out dead foilage. I think it was 73 degrees. A warm wind was blowing, a little too hard as it kept blowing my hair into my eyes. Today it is much cooler, so I am glad I got that done when I had the chance.

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Yeah sunday was a very warm day here (north east england) today not bad either.

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We’ve been very warm and everything is leafed out and growing. Tonight is supposed to be 15 degrees F. We’re in deep shit.

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It’s been hot and sunny. Just how I like it.

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I have been experiencing the same spring as @Adirondackwannabe . We expect a hard freeze tonight, which is normal for this time of year, but after a couple of weeks of summer like weather, and the trees all in bloom, we might be in for some trouble.
I expect the price of cherries, peaches, apples, ect. to go way up.

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Amazing! After sever drought for three years, we’ve had glorious rain for a couple of months. The grass is green, the wildflowers are abundant, the birds are singing, and life is good!

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85 degrees and beautiful sunshine.

Is this the calm before the storm?

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Like July. This is probably the best weather we’ll get all year.

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South-West-Europe, Balearic Islands. Nice and sunny weather, but normal for March. Nothing unusual.

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We’re screwed. My lilacs where all budded out. It’s 27 degrees F right now. It was in the high 70’s lst week.

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You can see in my avatar. I took the pic last week and it is my goose and her lesbian sheep crush. Not only is the grass getting longer and greener but love is in the air in the most unlikely situations. She is shamelessly flaunting her torrid affair in front her husband and the sheep has run away from her flock to steal clandestine moments in a misunderstood gay, interspecies romance. lol

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The last two year my area hasn’t had much of a Spring at all. It is just an extension of Winter.

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My lilacs are all budded out too @Adirondackwannabe . I worry about the flowers, but I’m more concerned about the crops. Most of the commercial flowers are still under cover in greenhouses, but the fruit trees and perennial crops can’t really be controlled and protected.

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@wilma I’m so concerned about our orchards and vineyards. This might be really bad. My lilacs don’t support me.

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This Spring is strange the flowers are blooming. Last week was in the high sixties and seventies. This week we are back to the fifties.

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We have had some glorious weather down south (Somerset/Wiltshire border) over the past few days. The weekend was gorgeous. It’s still nice and sunny here and will be until about Thursday apparently and then it will start to get a little over cast. I quite like having a few days of lovely sunshine and then a few days of normal British weather so I am not bothered by this. I will be going to Wales at the weekend so am hoping it will be dry at least.

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Scotland has broken its March maximum temperature record again, with a temperature of 23.4C seen at Aboyne at 14:40 this afternoon. This is the third day in succession that the temperature record has been broken.

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I wish I was enjoying this beautiful sunshine in the Highlands!

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Well, it is 80 degrees here – no, wait. It is 40 and snowing. Wait, its 80 again. No, now its 40.

No wonder I have a sore throat.

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