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What would you think if you saw an older woman with a younger man?

Asked by janbb (56910points) March 26th, 2012

Reversing a prior question for academic reasons. How many years older would she have to be for the disparity to matter? Is older woman/younger man different somehow from older man/younger woman? Why or why not?

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I personally don’t think much of it at all. I have a history of being with older guys in the past so I don’t put down anyone in an age gap relationship unless it’s illegal or gold digger-y.

I think personally, I only really notice the difference when she’s 10 years older or so. I usually see that and think “wow, she’s probably a beast in bed, lol”.

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What would you think if you saw an older woman with a younger man?
My thoughts would most probably be along the lines of “Aw, they look sweet together” or “They look happy, love really does make you blind…”
I don’t see age gaps as a big deal, to me, age is just a number. What matters is your feelings for that person.

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Assuming all parties are at least 30, I wouldn’t think twice about it – even with a 20-year gap. I might not even notice.

It only seems strange to me if the young guy is really young. Twenties or younger. Then it would be obvious.

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I agree with @cprevite. My creep radar goes off when the age disparity dips down into the age group of people whose brains are not yet fully formed (late teens, early 20s). When much older people choose partners that young it screams abuser/manipulator/mess to me.

I would also think someone who is retirement age dating someone much younger (say, 30s) probably has some kind of fetish. But, to each his own, there.

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This cougar thing is really taking off.

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I’m not interested in younger men, at all, actually I’m not interested in men, period, the last few years. lol
I’ve been flattered by a few younger men in the last decade but would never take a relationship with someone 205 years younger than me seriously. hahaha, I meant “25” years younger…but the typo is too good to edit. lol
I’d think the same thing as I would if it was a much younger women with a much older man. I think, it’s none of my business, but I also think it’s most likely some sort of midlife crisis thing, and not likely to last.

My ex husband was dating a 26 yr. old, when he was 49, and who was only a few years older than our daughter at time. It was weird. haha

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I would assume that they were related, but not involved. I’ve been the guy, on occasion.

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It depends on their respective ages. If a woman was 30 and the young man was 15, it would be yucky.

If the woman was 45 and the man was 30, there would be much less life experience differential between them and I think it would be fine.

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I would think “What a sick f*ck.”

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What people do in their personal relationships is of no concern to me.

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I don’t give it a second look. I am sure that some people would think there is some sort of sliding scale based on age, but who gives a rats ass when it comes to other people business.

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^What he said.

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I wouldn’t really care. As long as they are both legal and nobody is being coerced, it isn’t my business. My husband was in a relationship with someone 15 years older for a very long time. He was quite young when they got together – I think about 20–22. They didn’t break up because of age but (and as with many relationships) their goals in life changed. They wanted to go in different directions. He loved the person she was. She loved the person he was.

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I wouldn’t think much of it. My mom was 24 when she met my dad who was 54. I like older men myself (but not that much older than me!)

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Hey if two people are happy with each other screw the world. Good for them.

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Probably have all manner of dirty thoughts coursing through both my heads.

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I would think that it’s pretty unusual, but only because most of the middle-aged to older-middle-aged women I know are so emphatically turned off by that idea.

What seems to be a common male fantasy, older men with younger women, is not so common for older women with younger men.

I know that it happens more and more these days (and not just with Hollywood couples or rich older women who buy companionship), but I think it’s still pretty unusual.

Other than that, if they seemed happy together, then I’d think “good for them”!

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There is a double standard that the woman being older is more acceptable, I think. I guess I caught myself in a bias, because I would assume that couple just loves each other or are in a lustful relationship. But nowadays, the young man could be using her for money as well, lol.

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I would think the same thing as when it is vice versa, what do they have in common. What do they have to talk about, what sort of recreation does a 60 year old have with a 30 year old. And even if they do have some things in common now, I would wonder what a 70 year old could do with a 40 year old, it would be hard to keep up, generally speaking.

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I’d think they were mother and son or aunt and nephew; something familial. If they were gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, I might think, “Isn’t she the lucky one?”

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I think it would only bother me if the man in question were very young. Beyond 30s, more power to them.

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I would think “Good for them!” When I was in my early 40’s I dated a guy who was in his late 20’s & we had a great time together.

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When women reach that cougar age the last thing they want to do in life is have to take care of a sick old man who would be closer to her age.

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The year’s 2012.

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Arer they both clothed?

Just askin!

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Lucky guy.

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For a while I went out with a man 20 years older than I. It was pretty boring.

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