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What do you do when you don't know what to do?

Asked by Paradox1 (1177points) March 26th, 2012

What are some of the ways you are able to find truth and what you believe when you’re uncertain? How do you get your center and forge a path going forward, so you’re no longer “stuck” in old thinking/habits/plans ?

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I use M&Ms: Meditation & Medication.

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I found a psychiatrist who was able to prescribe medication as well as use talk therapy. We worked together for six years. It was an invaluable experience. I was on meds for a while but no longer am.

Additionally, I use massage, acupuncture, yoga and other exercise, meditation, mild-body work, laughter and common sense.

Most importantly, perhaps, was my daughter giving me Milo. We celebrate our four year anniversary on April 19.

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I take a hike in the hills or along the river and talk to God, or cuss Him out.

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I imagine what is best for my children or what my daughter would be proud of me doing.

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I just wing it by applying what I already know and make it work. It’s a stressy deal but after all the sweating is done, I find I’m fairly pleased with myself. If I think too much about it, then I’m generally screwed.

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I try to stay focused in the present moment and trust that the right things will continue to unfold for me. When I catch myself trying to force something to happen or am in some sort of resistance to what is, that’s my clue to surrender. What we resist persists.

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You take charge of the situation by taking your time to think about it. If someone asks you “What’s there to think about?” Then tell them “I don’t know. That is why I’m taking some time to think about it.” Don’t accept the pressure that others put on you. While you are thinking also collect as much information as you can get. Remember that you are the one who is in charge of your decisions.

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Not that I’m recommending this approach, but I tend to stall for a while. Sometimes the situation becomes clearer with time, but oftentimes not. I’ve done this a few times right up until the do or die moment, and then just took a leap… going with my gut feeling at that moment.

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Sleep on it. Your mind will keep working on the problem and you may find you have an answer in the morning. If not, at least your mind will be fresher than it was yesterday and you can start to analyze the situation.

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Read the instructions, kettles can be very tricky appliances.

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@augustlan I would be curious to find out how those decisions turned out in hindsight.

Thanks for your responses do far.

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@Paradox1 Well, I’m alive and relatively happy… so I guess they turned out all right. :)
Of course, none of them were life and death decisions, either. If you really think about it, most decisions aren’t. And that knowledge alone can take some of the pressure off. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you’re struggling with.

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I usually turn left.

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I find time is invaluable. If I can calm myself and give myself the time and opportunity to reflect on whatever is bothering me I will usually be able to find a way forward. I also find talking things through with someone I trust helps or even just making lists of the pros and cons relating to an issue can help me to start to clear my mind and make sense of things.

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I ask for help.

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edit; :Mild-body” work meant to be “mind-body” in case you’re wondering.

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Nothing helps me quite like talking it over with my parents. They’ve always been able to give me clarity and guidance. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

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I talk over things with friends and family, and listen to their advice (though I don’t always follow it). Often, another person can think of pros and cons that I haven’t thought of and those can help me decide.

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It is better to be moving in the wrong direction than to be standing still. Once you are moving, all you have to do is change direction. It takes a lot more energy to get moving from a fixed position.

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Actually from a pure physics standpoint….never mind </nerd>

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