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How do potential employers check your salary history?

Asked by Ponderer983 (6416points) March 26th, 2012

Do they ask the place of employment for the amount, or do they check via your SSN? Or some other way?

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They usually ask upon application. I don’t believe them wanting to know how much you made is one of their priorities during a background check, seeing as it’s the applicant’s responsibility to tell the employer to be how much they are worth. Obviously in the sports and entertainment industry agents are the go to people for information regarding the $$$‘s

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In my experience, they don’t. They take your word for it and then decide to pay you what they think your worth.

This just happened with my friend. His last job paid him $75K/year. He lied and told his new employer (during the interview process) that he was making $90K/year – then proceeded to ask for a $5K increase were he to take the new job. The new employer apparently thought he was worth it and paid him what he wanted. So he, in fact, scored a $20K increase.

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I don’t think former employers will give out any information about you except dates of service anymore.

I have a feeling potential employers just take your word for what you made .. and already know generally what the job is going to pay.

They’re mostly interested in your work history, credit/criminal background check and drug test results. That information speaks to your dependability and character.

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They don’t.

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Being in HR I can say some companies check and some don’t, they just take your word.

If they check, they either call your previous company, or hire a background check service to call, and then provide them with the release you probably signed to start the background check.

Typically, it doesn’t matter though, as most companies are only willing to confirm your job title and dates of employment. Most organizations don’t want any liability in releasing your info, so they simply don’t do it, even with the signed release.

A big part of it might be that companies don’t want their local competition to know what their standard pay rates might be.

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Thanks @mrrich724 !! I am just tentative about the whole thing because I am looking for a new job because I am highly underpaid at my current one and haven’t received a raise in 3 years. Some forms at certain places have asked me what I currently make, but I feel as though if they see what I do make, that they may think that they can hire me at a cheaper rate. Or that, for some reason, maybe I deserve to get paid less. And then when they see the discrepancy in what I am actually asking for (which is fair value for my experience and profession – I looked it up), I am afraid that may turn the potential employer off.

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@Ponderer983 I wouldn’t sweat it too much. Most established organizations have a pay scale by which they will pay you, regardless of what someone paid you previously.

You will fall somewhere on that scale based on your relevant education/experience, and I’m positive that pay scale will drive their offer decision WAAAY more than consideration of what you used to make.

Now, if you’re going to work at a mom/pop operation, that may not be the case. But most places that are organized and have set policies and procedures will!

Good luck!!!

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They check to see if u filed a W2 form.. They are also able to check your salary history using your SS Number.

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