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Browser question: what is the name for the button that gives a "vertical history"?

Asked by dappled_leaves (15878points) March 27th, 2012

I’m talking about the button next to the Back (left arrow) and Forward (right arrow) buttons. The one that allows you to quickly select a page you visited 5 clicks ago.

Is there a name for that? It appears to have been removed from the default settings in IE9 and Firefox 11, and I’d like to figure out if it can be restored. Hard to do a Google search without knowing what it’s called, though.

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It’s still there. Just right-click (or long left-click) on the button.

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I think the term is “browsing history”; I’m not sure what the button is called.

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Perhaps it’s called a “recent history” button.

On Firefox 11.0, I can get a recent history by right clicking on either the back arrow, the forward arrow, or the space between forward arrow and the site rating button.

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@tom_g <eyeroll> How the hell do they expect people to just know they’re supposed to do that? Thank you.

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Personally, I just hit CTRL+H for anything more than ten pages ago, or right-click the Back button for more recent items. But I an accustomed to right-clicking because you get many functions with that button. For instance, that right-button allows me to copy files easily (instead of just moving them), translate selected text on a page, download videos easier, and all sorts of other tricks. After a few years, it’s second nature for me.

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I am embracing the learning curve. Thanks.

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