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If you were in a band, would you date your fans?

Asked by Mandeblind (420points) March 27th, 2012 from iPhone

I went to “The Wanted” concert on sunday. I got lipkissed by one, and kissed by the others. And they showed much attention to me than all the others. Why?

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Rent the movie “Almost Famous” and then decide if that would be the life you would want, being passed around by band members.

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i watched that movie. Of course I wouldnt spend my own life like that. The thing is, I wasnt even their fan when i went to the concert. i just thought it would be fun. But now I do want to know what THEY were thinking when interacting with me like that.

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I had four bands and never kissed a single fan and never dated a fan, except my wife.

She did not know anything about my bands or my music and I am glad it turned out that way.

You have to remember, that today, most of the kissing is just for show.

I wonder if Elvis kissed his wife, in the audience, before they were married?

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They were most likely thinking you were hot. It’s up to you to do what you want.

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No. Just fuck them.

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I was in a band for six years but I didn’t date any fans because most of them were girls, or straight guys. If we’d had more of a gay following… maybe?

But kissing is not the same as wanting to date. Kissing is just fun and for-the-moment. It doesn’t have any deeper significance than that. (Unless they gave you their personal phone numbers and asked you to call them).

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Nope. There would be a respect problem. My fan would have some inflated idea of how special I am because she let herself get infatuated with my on-stage persona. I would know that I’m not at all who she thinks I am (unless I’m a narcissist myself), so I would see her as naive. I would also know that I would either have to keep putting on a show to sustain her illusions (which would be exhausting), or she would eventually be disillusioned to see that I’m just some dude after all.

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I don’t think “dating” is the mot juste here!

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I might date someone who appreciated my work. But definitely not a groupie.

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They all just seemed to be very intimite and sweet towards me. And as i watched some videos of concert, some were looking at where I am heading, and doing signs after me such as “o” sign you do with your tumb and point finger.

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They saw you as a mark. Easy money. Does that flatter you?

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Stevie Nicks sings ”Players only love you when they’re playing

As to the q…hell yeah, all day long. If I was unattached. Because I’d be an artist. You know how those people live.

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The husband wouldn’t like that.

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absolutely…..what are groupies for.!!

I have been on both sides of this one, or dating fellow musicians in the band.

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^ what do you mean they saw me as easy money? This band is not an unknown metal band, I doubt they sleep with their fans

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Why are you asking this you gloater!

To answer your question, no.

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I feel at this point that I should point out, I was only the drummer. No matter what the band, no-one is ever interested in the drummer.

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@Bent I always liked Phil Collins.

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@chyna Phil is a great drummer but he’s never had a reputation for being sexy. My late grandmother used to think he was cute though.

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@bent. Because drummers are like hippies, you cant get them off your couch. :p

I marched drum line in college, so dont take it personal.

I date musicians which is a blessing and a curse. We understand each other.
But I know what they are capable of.

Therefore, I dont date much.

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@Bent Don’t tell that to Pam Anderson

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@jazmina88 “What do you call a bloke who hangs around with musicians all the time?”

“A drummer”.

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