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How is your day going?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) March 27th, 2012

Here’s is your time to let you feelings out.

Use it wisely!

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Not too great…

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Not too bad, not too bad…got a date for prom. Woo! You may wanna move this to Meta, lol.

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Started out really horrible. Lots of frustration this morning, followed by anger. Was at work though, so I had to keep it in, haha.
But as the day went, things got way better, it was relieving. Just glad to be home for now. Imma go hug some pillows.

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I have a head cold. Other than that, I’m anxious because I’m waiting to hear if I got this job.

Other than that, pretty good.

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Okay. While I’m finding things difficult, I realise I’ve some really good eggs in my life

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Pretty good. Woke up at 7, went to class, napped for five hours unintentionally, woke up and went on a field trip to the art museum, came back and had dinner and 5 cups of coffee. Now It’s meeting and then thesis time.

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I’m bored.

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Pretty good, except my nutso sister in law decided she would be especially annoying today! ARGH!

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Mostly good, few minor glitches. I was almost out of gas and the ONLY gas station in a 12–15 mile radius had their pumps go down. :-/
Soooo, had to wait 1 hour for my roadside guy to bring me gas.
Hey, not too bad, 5 gallons of gas included in my membership, sooo, I just went home. lol

I’ll get gas tomorrow. haha

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Pretty good day. Traffic was a mess but other than that not bad. Oh and my co-worker is working on my nerves.

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I rarely have a bad day. Some days are better than others to be sure. But I rarely have a bad day.

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It has just started and so far, it is okay. Nothing flash but okay. Finding it hard to focus at the moment.

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Thanks for asking! I dunno, I bombed a quiz today, so that’s not great….but to balance that I had an interview that went well.

How’s your day been, @blueberry_kid?

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My last week ended like shit, It couldn’t have been any worse. My Monday sucked and today was fucking amazing.

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My day’s been great :) I told my stepmom and dad that I’ve been accepted to one of the three linguistics programs I applied to, and they sent me a happy dance video. Loved the video!

Now I wait one more week to see if the other two schools give me a good dilemma.

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Congratulations @linguaphile. Good news indeed.

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@Mariah Well!

Today’s pretty freakin good! I saw The Hunger Games, slept in until 11:00 (thank you Spring Break), and picked out my dress for my school dance! I also decided to clean for once.

Being a procrastinator, today was a productive day.

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Mom called to tell me she could not find her teeth. She called me because she said she had tried to give them to me before going to take a nap but that I had told her to hang on to them.
She lives in Alabama, I am in Texas
FUCK Dementia.

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@Bellatrix Hugs! Thank you!

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It’s 8:15 am, I’ve been up less than half an hour… going pretty good so far.

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It’s going well. I enjoyed an ice lolly in the sunshine on my lunchbreak and this evening, once I finish work at about 6.30pm, I have a few hours to myself (unheard of since I work three jobs!).

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Yum an ice lolly. Or a jubbly would be good :-) Time to yourself. Nice @Leanne1986.

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It’s now midnight and I’m about to go to bed, and it was a pretty good day. Nice weather (even though I was stuck in the office for most of it) and after work I went swimming and swam 500 yards. That’s the most I’ve ever done.

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Today was a good day. My lab group kicked some robot ass and it was super fun.

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I woke up to a lovely lurve party—then…. my phone went off… what the…?

I had an appointment at 8 AM, and 4 missed appointments!!!! What the?????

HAHAHA!!!! My 9 year old daughter got a hold of my phone when I was laid up with a migraine last night and put in 5 appointments at 11 pm, 1 am, 3 am, 5 am and 8 am, all accompanied with ‘cute’ comments.

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8:41 on the west coast and Coloma is completely flatlined. OMG! I finished up some major yardwork and pruning yesterday before a big storm hits this afternoon. I am so sore. But my yards rocks. Today is a recovery day, I need a massage. lol

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I was thrown for a loop, and decided, that’s it—I’m joining Fluther today. It can only get better from here!

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@heartandsoul Welcome to Fluther! Here, we have our ups and downs, in and outs and all arounds—we have our community crazies, sweeties, pricklies, ditzes and all that. Hope you enjoy it here!!

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@linguaphile Thank you! I’m going to focus on the good stuff around here.

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Welcome to our group of discombobulated jellies.

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Everyone on this page is in the “sweetie” category, well, as far back as I have read. lol
I’d say the ratio is one asshat for every 50 “sweeties.” ;-)

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