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Which CD from your collection you would hide out of sight when you were going to have some friends come over to visit you?

Asked by rebbel (33099points) March 27th, 2012

Or, in other words: Is there a CD that, in hindsight, you feel slightly embarrassed/you can’t for the life of it understand you ever bought it?
And to avoid slight embarrassment, just before they come to your house, you would rather take the CD and put it under your pillow in your bedroom?

Mine: The Best of Tom Jones.

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Crash Test Dummies. :D

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Definitely my Destiny’s Child cd.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Really??? I love them!
Send it overseas asap :-)

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Meh, they can play with my CDs all day.

Now if they were after my Grateful Dead cassettes or my Iron Butterfly LPs they would have to know the combination to my gun vault.

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It’s an LP by Tonto’s Expanding Headband, but fortunately I have lost it.

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Hmmmm….my music collection is very diverse, but, I’d have to pick an old 70’s cd of the band ” Bread” lolol

What can I say? I’m the old chick. haha

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Oh, funny question! I have an old Air Supply cd that my friends would die laughing if the saw it!

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I love country music. Especially James Taylor. People think I’m crazy when I listen to it. So I tend to hide it or only play it when I’m alone. Sorry James.

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Jennifer Lopez shhh…...

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I have a Right Said Fred CD from when they sang “I’m Too Sexy”. For some reason, I loved that song .. and it’s kind of out of character for me! lol

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Homer and Jethro go to the Opera is one I usually don’t share with everyone.

Pied_Pfeffer's avatar

National Lampoon’s That’s Not Funny That’s Sick.. It’s utterly raunchy, but it transports me back to the late 70s and hanging out with a group of high school friends.

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I guess if I had to choose one, I’d pick my Sailor Moon soundtrack that I’ve owned for like ten years +. The soundtrack for the American series, no less.

But I don’t care if people see it, although when someone does, eyebrows and questions are often raised. and yeah I still listen to it, but it’s showing its age Can’t believe the damn thing still works.

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meh, they would have to go through endless file cabinets of CDs to find something remotely embarrassing.

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None. I have some that might be embarrassing .. but my friends aren’t my friends because I hide embarrassing things from them.. quite the opposite.

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I don’t have any I’d hide. I have a bunch I pause as soon as someone comes in. AC/DC or Alice In Chains don’t go well with pacemakers.

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My Nickelback collection <glancing quickly at @jonsblond.>

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@chyna My Nickelback collection is proudly displayed.

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All of them. Some of my friends have “sticky fingers”.

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I don’t hide any of my music. I mean I’ve got an all metal ABBA tribute cd. You can put any ol’ dodgy cd next to that and it’s suddenly perfectly acceptable.

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@chyna don’t judge :P

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I quite frankly don’t have many CDs, and I would never hide the few in my possession, as I am quite proud of my collection of the brilliance that is 90s pop music. Yes- the collection consists mainly of Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys, N*SYNC, and Aaron Carter; and yes- I still listen to them all. Oh, to be a child of the 90s.

But if we can convert this to songs on my iPod, I simply cannot explain my purchase of Aqua’s Barbie Girl…it made sense at the time, I swear.
And I may or may not have some choice songs off of the Hannah Montana soundtrack…

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I have a huge collection of CDs and I really wouldn’t hide any of them. I don’t care what anyone thinks about what I listen to, lol. My taste is incredibly diverse.

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Somehow a Rianna CD popped up in my stuff that I honestly have no idea how I came by it. I actually tried to listen to it out of curiosity but couldn’t get through the first song.

Still I can’t bring myself to toss it. Its a CD and one dud doesn’t take up any space.

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