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Do you play the lottery?

Asked by chyna (47196points) March 27th, 2012

The Mega Millions jackpot is 363 million tonight. Do you play? Do you have a method for the numbers you pick or do you have them randomly chosen? Do you put the tickets somewhere you think they will draw good luck while waiting for the drawing? Any other random lottery things you would like to share is welcome.

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No, I’m not a statistics prodigy so I don’t bother. I guess it wouldn’t hurt, though.

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Perhaps I should go get a ticket for tonight…

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Couple of tickets.

I have known of several lottery winners. Two people I worked with, one received $11 million and the other something less than half million. Also ex-MIL won state lottery on TV in Vermont 35 years ago.

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At 363 million, I will wager. I have a few combinations that I will play on such occasions. Then I buy a couple of generated numbers. It never works, but once or twice a year it is sort of fun.

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For those that will buy tickets: play number fifteen.
If you win the jackpot I am satisfied with 5%.

I only play once, maybe twice per year, but our jackpots don’t exceed twenty million about.

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Sometimes. I have numbers I like. I don’t play thinking I’ll win, but the fun of fantasizing about what I’d do as a member of the 1% is worth the few bucks.

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I never do. Nothing against it, but it’s a fact; you have to get struck by lightning twice in your life before you ever win the lottery, ha.

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We used to play sometimes, but not anymore. We just have better things to do with our money.

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@quiddidyquestions I think that is the best part of the process too. The fantasizing over what you will do with all that money.

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Once in a while. I tend to buy them more as gifts. I’ve given out a few small winners. Nothing huge.

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Last week I went to Chinese with my friend and we decided to play the Powerball with the numbers on our fortune cookies. We had a blast discussing what we’d do when we won and I was fairly confident it was gonna happen. We didn’t get a single number.

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Yes. I play weekly. My Pop’s always told me, if you don’t play you won’t win. And I want to win…one of these days. :-}

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My husband always puts in an entry. I don’t (I will just share his winnings).

My ex won a quite nice amount once and I have a friend who won the first division prize the first time he put in an entry!

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I remember learning that if you invest a modest amount every week equivalent to what is common for many lotto players to spend, over the course of a lifetime with compound interest at around 10%, you’re looking at several hundred-thousand dollars when you retire. It’s a much better bet.

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I do. I know the odds, but they are better when you do buy a ticket than when you do not.

Besides, I have a foolproof plan to win the Mega Millions (Which is up to $363,000,000 tonight.) All I have to do is buy a ticket for each drawing for the next 368,000 years and I am assured of one win. One’s all I really need.

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:-) @ETpro, well don’t forget us when the big win comes in.

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@Bellatrix I could never forget you, my friend. Nut be sure to hang in there for a few hundred thousand years.

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Too lazy to bother with it mostly. And it annoys me waiting in a line at the checkout when someone is taking all day already getting all their tickets and numbers.

As if they are trying to replace a job.

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Hardly ever. If I’d noticed the jackpot was that high and been in a place that sold tickets, I might have bought one just for fun.

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Here we go again, $476,000,000. No winner last night.

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I only got one number. Pfft.

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I probably play it a couple of weeks per month. I play online so there is no chance of me losing a ticket and I use one set of numbers all the time and then also have a lucky dip which, obviously is different each time. I have never won anymore than £10 so far.

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I’ve never played.

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Almost never, except sometimes if jackpot is high and I happen to think of it ,for example being in a store that sells them and happening to see the sign. Sometimes if I’m inspired, I“ll pay $10 for a bunch, on those rare occasions I even do it.

Otherwise, if the job is having a pool, I’ll chip in because if they all win, I’d be the only idiot at work!

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Never. Winning jackpots doesn’t make people happy for long.

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