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Does anyone know what the "Agee algorithm" is or how it works?

Asked by anartist (14793points) March 27th, 2012

Philip Agee was a former CIA agent who wrote the book, “Inside the CIA,” to the consternation of many, and to the possible death of at least one, an American serving in Greece as head of station.

From what I have been able to ascertain, it is a way of finding, compiling, and interpreting data to conclude who is the principal mover in any action.

Data includes hard-to-find, but not impossible to find on the internet, government or corporate phone lists, gov/corporate structure trees.

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I googled that and came up empty. Sorry :(

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I suspect that you’ve conflated two distince AGEEs; this algorithm deals with cell phone signals:

“The group decision feedback (GDF) detector is studied in this letter. Given the maximum group size, a grouping algorithm is proposed. It is shown that the proposed grouping algorithm maximizes the symmetric energy of the multiuser detection system. Furthermore, based on a set of lower bounds on asymptotic group effective energy (AGEE) of the GDF detector, it is shown that the proposed grouping algorithm, in fact, maximizes the AGEE lower bound for every group of users. The theoretical analysis of the grouping algorithm enables the offline estimation of the computational cost and the performance of a GDF detector.”

IEEE Transactions

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