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What are the benefits of Tai Chi?

Asked by whitecarnations (1635points) March 27th, 2012

If so how has it helped you? What do you know about it?

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It’s an exercise that gently exercises all the muscles in a slow moving sequence which you have to recall in the proper order. It refreshes the mind because you can’t think of anything else and yet it isn’t much to think about. The resulting feeling is of peace and being toned (if that is a feeling.) It’s a small oasis away from daily cares. And you can do it even if you are old. I haven’t done the whole routine; just the first movements, but I could feel what it could do, just with that small experience. I’ll join a class when I have time.

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It has become a part of my morning routine. I do it while waiting for the toaster oven to toast bread. I agree with @Sunny2 . It is a nice way to start the day. I am skeptical of health claims for Tai Chi.

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My soul mate and I tried Tai Chi for 6 months. It was light exercise. It was fun for me, because it reminded me of some of the moves I see in Kung Fu movies. It was not as much fun for Kimberly, but she liked the social interaction. It was a good starter/familiarization class to evaluate whether one might want to do Kung Fu or a martial art.

It was peaceful yet engaging to participate in the 40 move ‘dance’ or technique. We don’t do it at all anymore, but then we live in a small house so don’t really have room to move around that much.

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It is supposed to help balance and mindfulness. I took a class for a while and enjoyed it. I felt more at peace after doing it.

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A friend of mine with MS, taught tai chai. It helps with mobility, ease of motion, and pain relief.
I’m sure it would help with fibro and general well-being as well.

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