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What do you think of this recent addition to the NRA's merchandise catalog?

Asked by GoldieAV16 (5384points) March 28th, 2012

They’ve added a Concealed Carry Hooded Sweatshirt that gives the wearer “an extra tactical edge, because its unstructured, casual design appears incapable of concealing a heavy firearm – but it does so with ease!”

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Lovely sentiment.

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Does it come in a left-handed version?

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“Is that a gun you’re carrying, or are you just extremely happy to see me?”

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I am surprised that they do not have one with bullet holes.

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And…’s not’s obvious at all when someone is pulling it out?

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The kind of fabric that hoodies are made out of isn’t conducive to effective concealed carry because of a lack of structural support. It would also make it likely for you to “print,” which is a no-no.

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“an extra tactical edge” when doing what exactly?!?!

Yes, you will certainly fool the deer with this one. ~

In the Military?
Sure, you don’t have to wear your standard issue uniform. ~

On the streets in a gang or involved in drugs?
Ding. Ding. Ding. We have a winner.

Who, exactly is this marketed to, I wonder?

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Who, exactly is this marketed to, I wonder?

“Tactical” means “wankers love crap like this”.

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@cprevite, It’s marketed to people with concealed carry permits. It says so right there on the page. A gangbanger is not likely to see this and think “by Jove, this accoutrement would be most effective for stowing my gat. I believe I will order it for 64.99!” No, they are going to shove their pistol in their pants and be done with it. And tactics are relevant. You learn about their importance in any decent concealed carry class.

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Does it come in a left-handed version?

I also would like to know the answer to this question.

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If I didn’t have to gove money to the NRA I might buy one for my husband. He sometimes handles large amounts of cash.
I believe in the 2nd ammendment but the NRA take it way to far.

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@Fiddle: I understand that. I was being a bit farcical. But can you explain to me the point of “concealed carry”?

Why conceal? From whom? To what end?

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@cprevite , because open carry is illegal in most places.

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@cprevite concealed carry laws allow private citizens in 49 states to carry a handgun for self defense purposes in any location where not otherwise prohibited by law. Relevant info.

I consider myself rather informed on the subject, so if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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Not surprising that one of the available colors is black.

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Looks like it could serve a double purpose to the kleptomaniac community.
A shoplifting hoodie, those may well become popular.

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To answer the questions, if you look at the ad, it has both right and left concealment pockets.

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@elbanditoroso Not surprising that one of the available colors is black.

Why would the color it comes in be an issue? I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make. Isn’t black a common color for clothing?

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@ragingloli – We had some visitors from overseas come to our facility. Apparently they saw cars in the parking lot riddled with bullet holes and were very concerned.
The ‘bullet holes” were actually decals that some guys stick on as a joke to cover small rust spots or door dings.

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You can never be sure in certain countries.

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That is just plain creepy.

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@Judi & @Fiddle: Okay, so in the places it’s illegal to carry openly, concealed is your only option if you want to carry at all. Got it.

Do people still want to carry concealed if it is legal to openly carry? If yes, why? What is the benefit if concealed vs. open carry?

Thank you for the answers. I really appreciate it.

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@cprevite, carrying concealed gives you a tactical advantage. Imagine that a deranged gunman (Cho, Harris and Klebold, or whoever) entered a room full of people with the intent to kill and saw someone who was openly carrying. He would have an opportunity to shoot the person who was open carrying and get the drop on him or her because he knows they are armed and are therefore a big threat. Now imagine the same gunman entering a room where someone may be carrying concealed. They have a much smaller chance of being targeted first and would possibly be able to draw their own weapon and neutralize the gunman when the opportunity arises. This has happened many times before, even to someone I know.

Governments typically allow concealed carry over open carry because it is less likely to cause public panic. People who are uninformed about open carry may confuse an open carrier with an actual gunman and it ties up police whereas you may pass hundreds of people daily who are carrying concealed and you’d never know.

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To people who don’t carry weapons in their day to day lives, both open and concealed carriers are gunmen. This all sounds completely insane to me,.

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@dappled_leaves there are several on fluther including myself. We are not looking for trouble and are only interested in defending ourselves or our loved ones in that one in a million scenario where we would have to do so within the bounds of the law. We aren’t insane or criminals or wannabe cowboys. We are rational people from all walks of life. Statistically, people with carry permits are less inclined to crime as well, as a demographic. Approach the subject with an open mind.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard If that “protect my loved ones from a crazed shooter” scenario occurs in one day out of a million, then it means you expect to carry that gun for 2738 years without incident. I think it’s insane that your culture embraces having its citizens carry guns in the streets just in case such a one in a million occurrence occurs today. I don’t think you are insane as a person.

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@dappled_leaves our culture doesn’t necessarily embrace or encourage it, and I do plan on carrying without incident for as long as I’m able. I don’t expect anything to ever happen, but it is a dangerous world out there, and until poverty and the failing mental health system in my country are fixed, there are people out there who will kill me to take my wallet. It happens and it is just something to consider. I’m not hoping for or expecting it to happen, but that doesn’t mean the possibility isn’t there, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something happened and I was unprepared to handle it. That’s my reasoning, in a nutshell.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I have a jacket with a pocket for concealing a wallet.

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The hoodie is not that recent an addition to the NRA catalog. It was available before the shooting in Florida. I got one for Christmas.

Most people carry concealed out of respect for those in the public sector that get freaked out if they see a gun. The people I know with concealed carry permits are more comfortable with open carry, myself included.

Crooks very seldom openly carry, they don’t want the attention until they rob someone or someplace.

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In NY if you are going to carry a gun it must be concealed. In most cases displaying a gun in public is called brandishing and is illegal.
By keeping it concealed you neither draw attention to yourself nor draw the ire of skittish individuals.
The only time I ever open carry is when I am out in the woods on my own property.

@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard My reasoning exactly.

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Ha! Let’s take up a collection and give one to Geraldo Rivera.

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I have a vest like that, but the hoodie is cool cause I can look like I am supporting Trayvon and Zimmerman at the same time!

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@filmfann I’d wear it with a printed inscription,

            I’m supporting Trayvon Martin
  Got a problem with that? I’m packing heat!

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I know people who have carried a gun their entire lives just in case they are the one in a million. The interesting part is, I think they are disappointed that the one in a million scenario has not developed for them.

I have lived in NYC, DC, Baltimore, Sydney and a few other dangerous places and have never had a problem. In NYC I would always pick up after my dog and carry a bag of shit concealed, I always wished someone would try to mug me so I could use my secret weapon, but it never happened. I guess maybe the doberman was a deterrent.

People keep telling me the crime rate is coming down so how come more people are feeling the need to carry guns?

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the crime rate is coming down so how come more people are feeling the need to carry guns?

1) Television news

2) The NRA

They broadcast a stream of stories that reinforce the paranoid fears of suggestible people.

TV does it because people will watch. The NRA does it to scare up contributions.

Violent crime in the US has actually plummeted (that is not too strong a word) in the past twenty years.

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@rooeytoo I figure it’s like insurance. I hope I never have to use it but, under certain circumstances, it’s comforting to know it’s there.
I never thought I’d need health insurance until my prostate turned from friend to enemy. I never used my car insurance until that deer jumped out in front of my car while I was doing 65mph on the highway.

We honestly don’t know how many criminal acts are discouraged by the criminal’s fear of coming upon someone who can fight back.
I don’t ever want to be considered easy prey. I consider it my duty to protect myself and my family by doing everything possible to fight back, be it against a criminal – or a rotten prostate.
By the way, I’m sitting here just fine and healthy, typing on fluther while my prostate rots in a bio-hazard waste dump.

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