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Suggestions for dealing with 24 hours flight time?

Asked by Elfman (449points) June 28th, 2007

I'm flying to the Russian Far East via Moscow from Portland, OR. How do I maximize comfort, etc. on such a long trip?

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bring a neck pillow. magazines with short articles. extra socks. toothbrush on the plane. fruit.

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Here are the first ten that come to mind:

1) A few days beforehand, start taking aspirin. Also, start boosting your immune system by taking extra vitamin c ... I use Emergen-C packets.

2) 24 hours before you take off, take a decongestant to clear your nasal passages and sinuses. Less pressure and pain during the flight.

3) Obviously, drink lots of water to stay hydrated

4) Avoid alcohol and caffeine, while on the flight

5) Don't cross your legs when you sit, if possible

6) Stretch every thirty minutes, then, get up and walk, stretch, exercise, do airplane yoga (for real) between meals.

7) Bring earplugs

8) Bring Benadryl, just in case you wanna knock yourself out

9) Bring a kit with some fun travel toiletries in it, and use it at least a few times during the flight; good moisturizer (yep, keep slathering that all over yourself), eye drops, toothpaste and floss, pre-moistened face wipes, lip balm, gum. Basically, you want to stay hydrated and clean

10) The standard neck pillow, magazines, books, ipods, dvd players etc. will take you really far, but good snacks that don't make you feel bloated, will go a long, long way too. Hit Trader Joe's or Whole Foods before you go and don't go get a bunch of fiber either ; ) Simple, high protein snack are the best. You'll save tons of cash and save yourself from airport food.

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That does sound like a long trip! Last time I went long-haul, the guy in front of me had a "broken" chair that would not go into the upright position... until the landing (of course!). The tv screen was too close to my face it gave me a headache and music became my best friend for 10 hours! Unfortunately I didn't have much battery left on my iPod, so I had to listen to the airline radio. I inadvertantly learnt all the lyrics to The Kaiser Cheifs' and The Doves' albums!

What I mean to say in this extremely long-winded way is... make sure you have music and a pillow so you can just pretend you're not on the plane should you have an idiot in front of you, as I did.

Wow... I sound quite bitter!

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Take two Ambien and you will be golden with little jetlag

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My strategy, post-flight, is to stay up as late as I can in my arrival country, so I get onto local time the first day. For example, I've flown into Sydney a couple of time from the States. You arrive there around 6:30 in the morning, but I forced myself to stay up until at least 8 p.m. and slept like a baby for about 12 hours. I didn't have jet lag either time.

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I always recommend noise canceling headphones. There have been many studies that show that noise is a very large source of fatigue. Most of the work was done by the army on tank drivers. The less fatigued the tank drivers are the more likely they are to survive. I have found that when I wear mine I am not as jetlagged and tired at the end of the flight.

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From the World Health Org. They strongly suggest walking around whenever possible and NOT taking any sleeping pills due to blood clot issues in extremities. Also exercising calf muscles every hr.

All Christi's suggestions on the mark except for #8 -Benadryl.

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I fly and once with my grandfather we flew around the world. We have a Bonanza and when we took the leg from California to Honolulu it took about 14 hours. Obviously its not near as long as 24 but we would switch positions every 2 hours, one would sleep on a cot in the back while the other handled the flying.

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fly business class or privately.

get in a day early if you have business.

try to get your body adjusted to local time before you leave. sleep late or wake early.

do have a glass of wine to help you sleep. regular 20 minute naps will help

bring an ipod with movies. it really helps. books alwaya remind me of how uncomfortable i am in coach.

wear loose clothing. cargo pants make it easy to get to earbuds (which i find are great as regular earplugs as well)

check with the airline for seat power and bring a laptop. then you can play games and watch movies.

and just plan on being uncomfortable and unhappy. that way if it’s better than you think, you might actually enjoy it!

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a good pillow, several books, an ipod, mini portable dvd player, a game system (PSP etc)

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