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I noticed that jellies are using baby pictures as their avatars. What gives?

Asked by Jude (32162points) March 28th, 2012

I obviously didn’t get the memo.

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I’ve seen people using the baby pictures on FB. I think it’s kind of cute.
I didn’t get the Memo on here though… :)

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I think it’s cute too. We get to “see” them…just when they were little.

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Yep, I’m the guilty one, asking for everyone to share their baby jelly face in theiravatars.. I love seeing the “mini-me” versions of everyone. :-)

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@tranquilsea Somehow I didn’t picture you to have a hairy face. lol

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I just moved @Coloma‘s question to the meta section. Now it’s right before yours!

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LOL @Coloma I girl has to have her secrets. Besides I got that problems corrected years ago. ;)

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Look at the Meta question just below yours. Anyway, that’s my baby pic right there… they sold me to the circus… :‘O(

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