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What was this flash of light during Fox News March 8? Not a transformer.

Asked by Aster (19984points) March 28th, 2012

During the weather report viewers saw a huge flash of light. They checked and there had been no blown transformers. It happened and it was not an illusion, paranoia or joke. I was wondering if anyone has heard what it was?

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It’s a sun dragon alien on its way to making a crop circle, of course.

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I heard about it the other day…as far as I know no one has figured it out.

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^^^^^^^^^^^ No it wasn’t. Just want to know if anyone has heard the truth.

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@Rarebear Now you know, as you should, that our planet is the only planet in the universe that’s inhabited. That’s the way God wanted it. He wants us to know that We’re Special.
Oh, He may have stuck a few amoebas on a couple of them but we’re the only one with intelligent life. Ask any scientist.

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@Rarebear! I didn’t even recognize you in that dress! You look like an arter ready to bust!

@Aster… Are you being serious about the “intelligent life” thing…?

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^^^^^^ No; I was only joking!

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WHEW!! I was about to burst an arter!

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One of the comments posted on the video: “Arizona Public Services´╗┐ has confirmed a breaker on an electrical line opened, causing a big flash and power outage.”

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Bummer! But thanks @Pied_Pfeffer.

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The two electric utilities that serve metro Phoenix say they didn’t have any reports of electric transformer explosions that might explain the flash.

Damon Gross, a spokesman for Arizona Public Service, says a blown fuse on a transformer can produce a flash, but he said the utility had no such report Thursday morning.

“It’s a mystery to us as well. I can’t even offer a guess,” said Doug Nintzel, a spokesman for the Arizona Department of Transportation.

Charlotte Dewey, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Phoenix, says there was no weather activity that might explain the flash.

Messages left for officials at nearby Luke Air Force Base weren’t immediately returned Friday afternoon.

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I agree. We should all assume it was aliens unless the Phoenix utility clearly comes out and gives a detailed breakdown of its electric transformer activity that would explain a flash. And even then, we should be skeptical of the utility’s claim, since they could be lying and it still could have been aliens.

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^^^^^^^^ yeah , they may have ordered an employee to lie and say it was a transformer after all so people would cease calling the station. Case closed.
And yes; I know you’re kidding.

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Obama did it.

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Not saying it is Aliens.
But it is Aliens.
Ancient Aliens.

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