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Why art?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (36033points) March 28th, 2012

(A question similar to this one was asked three years ago. I think it can be asked again.)

What do humans gain by making art? Why do we value it?

Museums and collectors clamor for paintings and pay fortunes for some. Theaters proclaim great plays, and people stream to see them.

I travel and take in art museums and performances. I have been moved to tears by pieces of beautiful art, both visual and performing.

What does art mean to you? What do you get from it?

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Sometimes it’s the symetry that attracts us, sometimes the colors sometimes just the effect it has on us.

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It’s the expression and skill. I just can’t imagine not watching another human act so well they change my emotions, or listening to music that makes me want to cry. I can’t get that from paintings, but I do recognize and appreciate the raw skill that it takes. It’s just amazing.

Yeah, some arts seem to be dwindling, because it seems we’re apparently only here to serve the market, but that’s a shitty life and we see how that turns out. Check out this video of a mother discouraging her son from spending too much time on the guitar. This video makes me angry because she seems like an example of the types of people that think everything revolves around the market or going to save the world miraculously. Who cares if you’re happy or passionate as long as you’re making money for yourself and others, right? I don’t agree with this philosophy.

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Art is the outward manifestation of the artist’s inner feelings & frequently an artist’s inner feelings express glorious thoughts, thoughts that move people, thru paintings, thru sculpture, thru acting, & thru music.

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It speaks to our essential experience of being human, what it means to be human.

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It’s what makes us human. By purposefully creating something purposefully designated to do nothing but attract the senses shows a deep introspective and extrospective understanding of the human mind. It expresses everything and brings joy, and it’s this sheer lack of expedience to it which determines its importance. No other creatures create art. Except maybe dolphins; dolphins are rad. We have the intelligence and skill to have created an entirely new medium just for ourselves, and turn it into something which has lasted this long, after three millennia.

Art is expression, yes, but it is humanity also.

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Oftentimes the “mood” of the piece (whether theatrical, on canvas, or some other medium) is the thing I wish to behold. Art can capture things that we cannot express any other way. Art can at once be a Mamihlapinatapei to one person and a pile of waste to another. It is about originality, and the perception of each piece which draws me in.

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Art is something visual, aural, or psychic that I cannot do that brings pleasure to one or more of my senses.
What I get from it is pleasure.
BTW anything by Andy Warhol or the form of Jazz called Scat does not, by my standards, reach the level of art.

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One of my favorite paintings is Point of Tranquility by Morris Louis. It lives at the Hirshhorn and I could sit and stare at it for hours. I am not sure how it does it, but it makes me feel alive and calm and happy and a lot of other feelings as well. I also feel this way by viewing a lot of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings. I love water color because so much is left up to the viewer, the artist hints at something and the viewer can make it anything you want it to be.

Music can move me but not the way a painting can. Of course the “art” that moves me the most is that which is created by mother nature, there is nothing like standing on a high point over the ocean and watching the movement of the waves, the way the colors change with the sky, the clouds moving, the sound of crashing waves, that is truly music to my ears and soul.

I also feel it when I carve and make my own art. That feeds my spirit and soul as well.

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just like music, art can move your soul. some people are gifted artists.

Art shows life, either real or imagined, with a new or common view.

It appeals to our visual sense, while music our aural.

from a musicians point of view, but a home full of original art. It shows the artists dreams, feelings, psyche.

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