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Can you help me find some Soul singers?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) March 28th, 2012

I know this may sound cliche, but I’ve recently found myself, like in a general sense. I did some reading, writing, and talking to family, and even went to church a few times, and talked to some friends, about finding who I really am. I mean, that’s what High School’s, for right?

Well, about two months ago, I discovered Norah Jones. I found out that she’s a Soul singer. All of my friends thought Soul was Gospel music, which is obviously different. But, I typed her into Pandora and heard a bunch of different singers, all Soul.

I also found my way of dress, and apperal, but thats another question, for another day.

In short, can you help me find some singers like Norah Jones?

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The Reverend Al Green comes to mind immediately. Plus you might his stuff sexy. And Barry White.

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Check your local high school. You might just be surprised at the number of fantastic singers you will find there.

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I forgot the King of Soul: James Brown

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@Earthgirl Great tunes! Amazing.

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@Earthgirl , big fan of Melody.

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Melody Gardot is so amazing. Love her!

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Missy Higgins and Joss Stone come to mind. If you want to branch slightly out and get into some even better (imo) stuff check out Diana Krall and some other great jazzy singers.

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start with Billie Holliday. So much soul in her voice.

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Etta James
Mavis Staples
Tina Turner
Betty LaVette

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@jazmina88 Yes, Billie Holiday is fantastic!

Dusty Springfield is also great.

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Sade, Lauryn Hill… Pandora is a great place to find new music

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