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Is anyone a computer repair expert, specifically someone who knows about the Dell Inspiron 8200?

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) March 29th, 2012

I think there are specialty sites for this kind of question, but I wasn’t having much luck finding them. Plus, I’m way too broke to pay for anyone to look at the computer, so that option is out. My question is:
I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 someone was throwing out. I haven’t been able to turn it on, as it has no battery and no plug. Thus, I haven’t been able to tell whether the possible problems I see externally will affect the function of the computer when I manage to turn it on. The possible problems are: 1) on the bottom front, there are two slots, the left one deeper than the right one. Both are empty. 2) In the back corner opposite the side that has the disk insertion thing, some of the plastic has cracked, and has been moved very slightly out of place. 3) There’s a small slot right next to the cracked plastic. I don’t know what the slot is meant to have inserted into it, but it’s not there. Also, it has three plugs just below it, one for headphones and the others for who knows what, but the plastic just above them has shifted a little and I’m not sure if that will affect their functionality.
I don’t hear anything rattling around when I shake the laptop, though, which might be a good sign.
Before I purchase any battery or plug, I want to know whether the computer will actually work, so would someone mind telling me whether it sounds like the things I listed could amount to a problem. Also, I want to know what all those slots are for.

If anyone with the right expertise would be gracious enough to answer, or can direct me to someone who could, I’d appreciate it.
Also, sorry if I sound like a total noob and it annoys anyone.

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I’m at work right now (surfing by smartphone) so I’m a little distracted, but give me a few goes and I can help.

I can say right now that I’ve seen pristine-looking machines that were bricked, and beat-up rigs that worked perfectly, so an external inspection isn’t always reliable.

BTW, some laptops have a slot for a docking station, and some older ones have slots for PCMCIA cards; it way be one of those, or just a spot for a Kensington lock.

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My questions have been answered by another website. No one else needs to post.

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not shure if your computer is similiar to the 8600-model – if so, check this link!

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