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What's a good "Coffee of the Month" club?

Asked by asawilliams (368points) March 29th, 2012

Looking to join some kind of club that introduces you to different coffees. Any recommendations on a particular club or program?

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Keurig offers two different brewing systems and a lot of coffees, usually good ones.

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Peets coffee is good. A few years ago they had a guarantee that the beans would be mailed to you within a few days of roasting, but I no longer see that on their site.

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@tom_g Peet’s still has that guarantee, only it is SAME DAY roasting and shipping:

“At Peet’s we take freshness seriously. It is only by roasting and shipping the same day that we can be sure that you enjoy the distinctive deep-roasted flavor of Peet’s. We call it “Roaster-to-Cup” freshness, and you can taste the difference.”

I’ve used them for years.

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gevallia is terrible coffee, with muddy sediment and taste.

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The one you go out and buy yourself based on your desires and needs.

The best would be a Fluther Java Club.

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