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Who wants to join me in welcoming Linguaphile to the 10k mansion?

Asked by FutureMemory (24471points) March 29th, 2012

Way to go, Lingua!!!! Very well deserved :)

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One of my favorite members finally makes it :) Good job :)

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

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CONGRATS MOM!!!!!! I came back just to say that :)

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How exciting! They’ve added a stage in the mansion just for you. What’s your favorite Shakespearean role? Congratulations.

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The really smaht woman who is good with words? Holy word lurver Batman! Congratulations!

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Félicitations, @linguaphile! Welcome to the mansion!

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Congratulations, @linguaphile!

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Linguaphile, you are one of the reasons I stick around Fluther. Ho’omaikai!

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I’ll never forget that Linguaphile mailed me a Teddy Roosevelt Teddy Bear just because she thought I would like it. He’s sitting on my desk right now watching me do homework.

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Congratulations, girlie! You already know I lurve you. <3

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Gongrats on making it in. It’s so nice up in here…no longer sitting on cheap ass plastic toilet seats. You’re gonna like this.

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It’s always nice to see the success of a fellow verbivore. Congrats on the 10K. A well-deserved honor. And I’ll add in a little present you may enjoy.

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Gefeliciteerd, felicitzioni, gratulerer, parabens, grattis, felicidades…..or simply CONGRATULATIONS in English!!!!!!!!

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Applauds! Well done on reaching 10K @Linguaphile. What a beautiful jelly you are.

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Congratulations! You’re so thoughtful and give some of the best answers. You’re a great addition to the collective!

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I always look forward to seeing what your write. Such a great perspective you have, and you’re nice too!
I hope we have many more years together here.

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Congrats! Keep up your great work here.

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Hefty congrats to you linguaphile! You are truly one who provides us a word to the wise and brings balance to the Collective. Salutations and a toast!

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Mazel Tov @linguaphile !

I consider you one of my wiser sisters here on Fluther. It is a joy to know you.

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Let’s see… What’s the best way to say this… hmm.
May exuberant exhortations of joy be expressed excessively! Congrats on the 10k!

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Woo Hoo! Congratulations linguaphile! :D
♥ ❤ ♡♥ ♡❤ ♥ ♥ ❤ ♡♥ ♡❤ ♥♡ ♥ ❤ ♡♥ ♡❤ ♥

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Congrats to one fine lady!

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Congo rats and a great googlie wooglie! Hope I’m not too late!

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You have been an excellent addition to the Fluther family and I am sooo happy you decided to stick around! I don’t just lurve you, I love ya, @linguaphile. Congrats! =)

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Congrats and welcome to the mansion.

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Congratulations to a true sweetheart!

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Congratumacation @linguaphile !!

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Lurve ya babes – congrats!

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Cheers! You’re one of the best new editions to the collective this last year or so. PARTY, PARTY! :-)

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Congratulations @linguaphile!!

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Good job, @linguaphile!
Enjoy your well-deserved party!

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Congrats!!! A well deserved achievement, keep on keepin’ on! :-)

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Woo woo, congrats!!

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The Dictionary and Thesaurus called, they said congratulations but are currently in the process of getting a 500 ft restraining order on you as well as filing a sexual harassment lawsuit.


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happy happy 10K day

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Here’s a happy dance video for you :-) Congratulations!

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Woot and double woot! Congratulations, Lingua, the most cunning of linguists. I salute you!

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10Kongratulations. I always like to hear what you have to say.

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ConGoRats To You On Your 10K!

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10K Congratulaions! Welcome to the Mansion.
It’s been weeks since we had a party.

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ooh, I missed this – drat. Anywho…

Such a nice jelly. Such a nice jelly. Congratulations @linguaphile. You are one of the greats.

I should hire an audiophile to play you a nice song.

wait, does tha make me a “cookieophile”?

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You all have given me a huge smile—what a way to wake up this morning!! Love all the sense of humor here and really appreciate the kind remarks. (I couldn’t get on yesterday for more than 3 seconds) Thank you SO much!!! :D :D :D
I love being here and Fluther has been one of the places I’ve found to hang out. I’ve met some really good friends here, and the best thing about my jelly friends is… when I move this summer, I get to take y’all with me!! Keep on fluthering!! {{{HUGS}}} to all!!

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Hello boys and girls.
Let’s sing a song to celebrate.
It’s a song about a whale, no it’s the Happy Happy Joy Joy song;
“Sing along….”:

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Congrats on the 10 grand!

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Happiness and Glad tidings of joy! Welcome to the Mansion!

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I’m late, I’m late! But congrats to @linguaphile! She always has something interesting to say. Cheers!

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Congratulations, your posts are always interesting to read. Thank you :)

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Yummy Little Linguaphile
Is that a smile on your profile?
Last I seen y’were at 3K.
Seens like only yesterday.
But time has won you bigger lurve.
You must deserve that curvy swerve.
That’s quite a spread that you have said.
Yummy treats your fans have read!

Congrats Baybay!

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Grats grats grats congrats!

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@blueiiznh Glad you didn’t rush into this.

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Congrats to you! Thanks to all your thoughtful answers.

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@linguaphile Congrats on the 10k!
Now, how do I say that in Latin?

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Laughing! What a fun surprise tonight, a poem and 4 more congrats! A sincere thank you :D :D

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And very well deserved. I hope your studies and new life is going well.

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