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Maybe fluther could help me brain storm some jobs/career ideas based off my info and background?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6594points) March 29th, 2012

Heres what I’m good at now.
– Writing (more business than creative)
– Analyzing Information
– Sales
– Knowledge of Loan/basic financial products
– Always follows current affairs and politics
– Very good with computers (but no specific training like CCNA or Java etc.)
-Most people think I’m pretty smart and I’m generally a fast learner.

Here’s what Interests me
-Traveling: The job itself doesn’t necessarily need to involve a lot of travel, but afford opportunities to do it in my spare time at least.
– Current events: I suppose anything that involved me in what’s happening in the world would be pretty cool.
– Money: The more the better! part of my motivation is that I am not happy with the results of my degree, if I’m going to switch paths it needs to pay, soon or in the future.
– Some tech, I’ve played around html and css, but nothing too serious. I’ve considered switching to tech because it pays well and computers interest me, but I feel like its abandoning my other interests.

If you like to read, below is my background:

I graduated from college in 2009 with a major in Political Science. At the time I took any job I could find and ended up working at a bank, left to sell mortgages, but that fell through before it even started. Now I work at a large bank responding (via letter) to borrower complaints related to mortgages. lately though I have been running reports for our office and writing/updating procedures for some of the projects that I’ve been put on. Long story short, I’ve kind of fallen into the finance industry as most people do, but its not really of interest to me. Turned 27 this year and decided I better make a change before I become too complacent and entrenched. I suppose I wouldn’t mind finance if it paid well, but my desire to travel and have an impact in the world seem to eat at me some days while I’m chained to my cube.

Anyways, I’m open to pretty much what ever you guys suggest, I have a few ideas myself, but I don’t want to lead the ideas down a certain path. so throw them out there guys, lets hear it.

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Have you put your resume on sites like monster? If not, do so. See what kind of hits you get. That will open your eyes to what’s available.

I can tell you from my own experience, that if you have any kind of sales experience listed on your online resume, you will get dozens of hits from companies looking to hire salespersons. Be very careful of them and make sure they are reputable companies.

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Thanks Jake, I have, but it has been a very long time. You are right about the sales aspect, I still get random calls from companies asking if I want to be a financial adviser and what not. But, like you said these are usually 100% commission jobs and are a bit shady. I’ll def load up my resume to monster and a few other sites like it and see what comes through.

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Would logistics interest you? Tracking the movement of goods? An international company in imports and exports might give you the travel aspect. FedEx is a prime example of a company based in logistics, but also most retail companies track goods to some extent. Sometimes the buyers do the tracking, like a Macy’s buyer would track their own buy as it moves from the vendor through distribution channels. But, other companies have separate logistics departments.

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Hmm, it’s interesting that you mention that JLeslie, Import/Export does really interest me but it seems like it’s a little tough to break into. I never thought about the logistics side of it. Maybe that would be a good place to get my foot in the door. I’ll look into that some more. thanks

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From what you describe as your skills, interests, and experiences you may want to investigate different options. Certainly high tech has a demand you can’t ignore.

In the healthcare field there’s a tremendous amount of activity around Electronic Health Records as all hospitals and doctors have to implement them and many companies in the space with a high demand for developerment, implementation, training, documentation, and support staff. This typically involves continual travel to customer sites.

Another option to consider is technical writing. That career may be somewhat more limiting when it comes to travel.

If you want to dive deeper into Information Technology and you like analytical work, then a data base analyst is something to consider. There is a high demand for that as well.

If you’re highly organized and detail oriented then Project Management Professionals are in very high demand.

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