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Can you tell me more about these cities?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) March 29th, 2012

My job gave me a chance to relocate to a number of different cities. I’ve been raised in PA my whole life and havn’t explored much else of the US. I was wondering if you guys can give me some insight to some of these cities. Your experiences etc. To tell you a little about myself to possibly weed out any areas I have no interest in…I am a 26 year old male that likes the nightlife scene but can also appreciate the country and a quite day. I do tend to like having options of places to go and wouldn’t like living in a smaller city that is far from town.

Tampa, FL
Salem, OR
Nashville, TN
Springfield, MO
Richmond, VA
Brownsville, TX
and there are some locations in New Mexico but this didn’t pique my interest much

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Wow…what a wonderful selection to choose from!

While I’ve been to all but Salem, the only one I can really answer to is Richmond, Virginia, having grown up in the state and with a sister who has lived there for years. It’s the capital of the Virginia Commonwealth. It isn’t a cheap place to live, but not the most expensive on the list. It still has an Old South mentality in many ways.

The upside is that it is a reasonable driving distance from Pennsylvania. You would still experience four seasons, although the summers are humid. If you are into nature, there are both mountains and the ocean close by. I’m pretty sure that Richmond, at least Virginia, has a well-rated education system.

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I know a bit about Springfield, MO and Richmond, VA. If I had to choose between the two, it’d be Richmond, all the way. Missouri is where my family is from, and it’s part of the bible belt. It’s cheap to live there, though.

A friend of mine says “Salem, OR…. Great if you need cheap meth. Seriously, it’s one of the worst places in the world.”

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Brownsville TX has a vibrant art community with a south-of-the-border flavor. My friend Mark Clark is one of them. He moved there from DC when he retired from Smithsonian.
It is also affordable.

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Where are the locations in New Mexico? I know you said it didn’t grab you, but I’ve lived there and can tell you about some of the places.

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Nashville is great, not too large or too small. Very friendly.

Tampa—you could not pay me enough to live there!!!!

If New Mexico choices included Santa Fe I would take another look at it.

Springfield, MO is OK.

The others I know nothing about, but I generally do like Oregon.

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Richmond is the only one I am slightly familiar with. It has more in common with the Phili feel, so you may feel more comfortable there. Good jobs are hard to come by there but that doesn’t seem to be your problem. Otherwise, cost of living is pretty ok. Lots of country near by if you want to live out of the city but be close enough to work there and play there.
It has a large airport so travel is great.
It also has amtrak, so traveling to d.c. and back is easy as well. Or taking the train to P.A. You can also drive to D.C in 2 hours going north, or 2 hours south and you can hang out in Virginia Beach during the summer for some weekend fun at the beach.
At about a 90 minute drive you can go exploring the mountains to the west. Its either 90 minutes or 2 hours. Its been a while since I drove there from richmond. I just know its not long.
So its pretty central, to mountains, beaches, and city life and country. Oh, and I almost forgot. It has two amusement parks withing driving distance. One is south about and 1 or 1½ drive and the other is north going towards D.C about a 40 minute drive.

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Put in the city name and check out the things to do section.

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My youngest step-son, a savvy and smart kid from Philadelphia, unwisely followed a woman to Tampa. He loathed it and fled after a year, back to the “hood. Having stupidly bought a house, he was unable to sell it.

Where in PA are you? Do you have issues with heat or cold or specific political climates? Are you earning a decent living in terms of affordable housing, car or public transportation or traffic?

Do you have family in PA that you want to visit or spend time with?

There are several charming cities in N Mex.. Taos and Santa Fe are wonderful.

Check out @Hawaii Jake’s site.

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I’d opt for Salem Oregon or New Mexico, over the others, especially Taos & Santa Fe,
Very nice communities, but, you’re in for a culture shock, the dry climate of the southwest vs. PA. although their are wonderful ski resorts and mountains just outside of Taos & Sante Fe. Excellent food and a rich cultural history, quaint towns, eclectic food and nightlife, but both Santa Fe & Taos are more artsy old hippie type communities with a strong native american and hispanic american blend.

I grew up in Santa Fe as a child and also lived in Albuquerque before coming to California.
Oregon is a beautiful state, the entire Pacific Northwest is stellar for natural beauty, amazing forests, rivers, but the climate is often subtropical with lots of rain and plenty of snow in the mountains. Hence the vast coastal rainforests which are unsurpassed in beauty. I’d definitely go for N.M. or Oregon out of the mix.

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Of all your choices I’ve only been to Salem and it might be to quiet for you. You might love Nashville.

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Actually the list was updated with

Albuquerque NM
Bellingham WA
and Augusta GA

Right now Tampa, Nashville, and Richmond, TX, and possible NM but only because i know nothing about it.

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