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How do you get extra flab off your arm?

Asked by iCeskate (451points) May 25th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m not fat I don’t have flab or anything I have a flat stomach but extra flab on my arms that jiggle

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lift weights.

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If it’s on the bottom of your arms, thats your triceps. In my opinion, they are one of the hardest muscles to tone. I know of many machines to work triceps, but I can’t think of any at home methods right now. Try googling “tricep workouts” and see what you find.

I got an idea: you take a pilates band (highest resistance available) step on it and pull up on it with your arms behind your back. (sorry for the horrible explanation, its hard to visualize)

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if ii use a machine won’t it turn in to muscle? Same with weights?

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Many repetitions on a light weight to tone, few repetitions at superheavey weight to build bulk.

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Not if you are female. It will tone the muscle, but you won’t get bulgy.

If it is a lot of loose skin (say after you lost a lot of weight), you could have it surgically tightened, but that seems extreme unless it is very severe.

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one of our anchors goes into our cafeteria and does arm squats on the chair

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I do arm dips.

place a sturdy chair in the middle of the room or where you will have space to stretch your legs outl sit on the chair and the raise you buttocks off of the chair using our hands. (Palms down fingers hanging off of the chair)
Slowly drop the weight of your body down below the chair seat and then slowly push yourself back with your arms almost stretched out – never lock your arma out (elbows should be loose)
Repeat this process five times and do several sets. Each week increase the number of reps. over time the back of your arms will tighten. The muscle you build will literally melt the fat/flab.
If this becomes less challenging over time then you can increase your resistance by stretching your legs out straight in front of you.

You can also do a flapping exercise in conjunction with this on to slim the inner sides as well. Stand with your arms stretched out level with your shoulders with your hands pointed, like blades. Then with slight resistance flap you hands down and then up- level again like plane wings. This will not do anything for you unless you tense your arms with some resistance.

These are great to define the arm when you stretch it out.

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Rock climging will absolutely get rid of the “queen mother jiggle”. Find a climbing gym in your area – it’s a fun form of excercise that will strenthen all of your upper body.

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