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Are Coexist people religious?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) March 30th, 2012

I was driving to a friends house one day, and I saw this bumper sticker that had this on it. I asked my sister what it meant and she said it’s Coexist.

When I got to my friends house, I looked up what it meant, and it sounded a lot like the Unitarian religion, but I wasn’t sure if they were exactly religious or not.

Is this a religion, or like a movement?

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I think it’s mostly about tolerance towards all differing points of view. All religions and creeds.

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I thought it just meant that people should live together in peace and tolerance. People should coexist without fighting over who is right.

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I don’t think it’s a movement, I think it’s just a personal statement on the part of each individual who likes the bumper sticker.

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I saw one in my church parking lot. I’m Christian, not Unitarian Unaversalist.

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It’s actually encouraging everyone to follow their own spiritual path, whatever it may be. When you think about it, it is very “pro” first amendment rights.

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People aren’t coexist (adjective). They do coexist (verb).

We all already coexist; the trick is to do it without violence, rage, or irrational feelings of superiority.

Here’s what my dictionary says; “To coexist… exist in mutual tolerance despite different ideologies or interests: the task of diplomacy is to help different states to coexist.”

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^ Exactly: the sticker is telling us to coexist, not giving the name of anyone’s religion.

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I used to have a coexist bumper sticker. I bought the car used. Liked the sentiment. Left if until I sold the car.

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Do they cover atheism in their symbols?

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There is no symbol for atheism. That’s kind of the point.

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There seems to be the atom used on occasion. But they could have added a drawing of a human as an exclamation point, for instance. Hen I could have at least imagined them being part of the intention.

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I always thought of it as meaning (in the case of the bumper stickers) that those people are tolerant of Wiccans, Pagans, Jewish, Atheists, Catholics, Protestants, etc. and would like everyone to live in peace together.

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Great works. I’d have a bumper sticker for sure if only I had a bumper.

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The point of that sticker is that it doesn’t matter what you believe in, we are all human beings, and religious belief is no excuse for intolerance and hatred. We should all coexist peacefully and treat each other as fellow humans despite our differences.

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I can identify with that… with some caveats.

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@CaptainHarley Caveats…. like you may want to shoot some of them if they disagree with you?

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LMAO! Hardly. I’m a Libertarian, remember? No, caveats about whether their faith involves abuse or supression of others, or aggressive proseltyzing. That sort of thing… and I apply those caveats to ALL religions, including Christianity. Sadly, some who call themselves “Christian” are prone to those sorts of things. : ((

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@CaptainHarley To my mind, any Christian that ever read Matthew 7:1–5 would have to agree. I can’t speak for other faiths as I do not know comparable passages, but I know you are smart and pious enough (and know me well enough) to get my point.

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If @ETpro is right and stands for these bumper stickers, then yes… they are religious. However, I doubt that the sticker you included came from the organization mentioned by @ETpro. The sticker in the OP mentioned symbols of wiccan and Buddhism.

The organization @ETpro mentioned has all the potential to become an Abrahamic rally against all others. Still I also think atheists sold be tolerated.

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I saw one of these on this big monstrosity of a Hummer which had a couple of skulls and some other unpleasant stickers and then BAM! Coexist. It was so out of place, but I guess as far as what it stands for, it isn’t. I’ve always thought it was saying to lay back and stay cool. I’ve got my life and you’ve got yours, kind of deal.

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@ddude1116 I have a huge honking skull painted on my hood, but I agree with the sentiment. The only reason I don’t have that bumper sticker myself is that it would clash with my license plate frame; “Too close for missiles, switching to guns”. It helps prevent tailgating.

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Roger. Out. : )

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@CaptainHarley Jolly Roger! Is pirate caaaargh.

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Being Catholic, is this a bad question?

should I find this funny?

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There’s a vast difference between not attacking someone else’s beliefs and actively endorsing them. In a free society, the right to believe what one wishes is an absolute right. I may think that their beliefs are borderline insane, but they are entitled to them. As a Christian it is my responsibily to so live my life that others may see and desire to know the basis of my joy and tolerance, and to be prepared always to explain to them the source of this joy. It is not my responsibility to persuade them their own ways are wrong ( unless they deny my right to believe as I choose also, or to otherwise damage people, either spiritually or physically ). God is the one who moves on the hearts of men, not Christians.

I know of no one who has been converted by being beaten over the head with a Bible.

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I have found that skulls also stand for knowledge.

Skulls can also coexist.

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@CaptainHarley There’s that thing where Christianity becomes the state religion and people either convert to it or die. That’s been a pretty successful conversion tool over the years.

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@6rant6 No use in addressing @CaptainHarley anymore. Unfortunately. :-/

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