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Happy April Fools Day, guys! Has anyone done a good prank today?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) April 1st, 2012

as asked!

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Got on the floor in a small pool of fake blood, made banging and accident sounds, scared my girlfriend by making her think I was dead, got yelled at for being a jerk.

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No. Pranks are evil and the work of the devil. Anyone who participates in this abomination will go to hell.

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Not yet, it’s still only 10 am on the west coast.
Once I told my ex husband I wrecked his car, THAT was great! lol You should have seen the look on his face! Priceless!

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I was thinking about telling my mom I got a 16 year old pregnant, but that’s too obvious.

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Eh, I just woke up…

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Anyone who indulges in April fools gags is by definition a complete prat who should be shunned at all costs. I mean, i’m all for a few pranks & shit, but reserving them for the first of a month, old & lame.

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One April 1st I came home from work, turned on the kitchen faucet…and my son had taped the handle of the sprayer down! :) He is a for-real prat!

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Nope. I hope no one pranks me.

Dutchess_III's avatar sure don’t need that, do you @JLeslie! :(

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I haven’t done an April 1 prank since I made green eggs and ham for breakfast and a dinner that started with a meatloaf frosted with cream cheese and ended with vanilla pudding with a canned peach in it to look like a poached egg for dessert. . The kids enjoyed it and I enjoyed thinking it up.

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My husband was almost fooled by the following headline this morning: Romney Drops out of Race, Endorses Santorum – Forbes

I then reminded him that today was April Fools Day.

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This is great! haha

My favorite is the Left Handed Whopper. lol

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