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How would have handled this pregnant woman and speeding?

Asked by john65pennington (29253points) April 1st, 2012

I have heard just about every excuse from someone caught speeding. Stopped this pregnant woman for speeding 96 mph in a 70 mph interstate zone. Inside her vehicle were two small children wearing seatbelts. I asked her why she was speeding and she stated, “I am eight and a half months pregnant and I have to pee”. I had to make a decision of either issuing her a speeding citation and reckless driving OR giving her a warning and sending her on her way.

Question: you are the officer in this situation. How would you have handled it?

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If she has to pee that bad, you are holding her up while writing either a warning or a ticket. Let her go man!

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Is there an exit nearby? Or, is she racing home? 96 is way too reckless, I would issue a ticket.

I say this, and I am the first to let a preggers woman ahead of me in a bathroom line, have total empathy for the desperation to pee when pregnant.

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Ticket. She should have gone before she left. Make it fast, though.
So, wha’d you do?

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She was squiming so hard in the drivers seat, I knew she was telling the truth and let her go with a stern warning to always pee BEFORE driving on the interstate.

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96 mph with children in the car, and if she crashes her bladder would tear and explode because it is so full.

I was just in a horrible golf cart accident because the driver thought it ok to speed down a hill, and then she lost control of the cart and crashed us into a fence. I can barely move, can’t do anything for myself right now. When that woman crashes she very likely will hit another driver. The driver in both cases are adults, they should know better, a horrible risk to take.

96 is extremely fast, very easy to lose control. 75, 80 even 85 ok, but 96? She is a menace in my opinion. My husband once in a while takes our porsche up to 90 and I scold him for it. When he is completely comfortable, during a short stint when the road is wide open, no other cars. Otherwise we drive not more than 5 miles over the speed limit typically. Our porsche, made to go fast, low to the ground, and he is a race car driver, so very skilled at correcting when a car might lose control. That pregnant, desperately needing to pee, mom likely would over correct if she went a little too left or right (which is what happened to the golf cart most likely) not drive into a skid so to speak, she was extremely reckless in my mind.

But, it was nice of you to let her go, hopefully she learned her lesson.

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Nope. You pee before you get in the car, you pull over and pee on the side of the road, or you just pee in your pants. 96 MPH? My family is at risk of getting killed by this maniac because she has to pee?
Please tell me you will ticket/arrest the next person who does this.

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I remember what it was like to be 8 mos. pregnant and having to pee. In an ideal world I would remember to go before I jumped in the car 100% of the time…but crappy days happen.

I would have let her go with a warning.

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I would suggest that although you understand her predicament, she really has to figure out a better way of handling this. She should pee before she left or stop somewhere before it’s an emergency. Traffic laws are there for everyone .. pregnant women included.

I would also point out how she needs to be more concerned about her children in the car…. and others having to drive around her.

If she had the attitude that she was truly sorry and realized how she handled it was wrong… maybe a warning. But I think this infraction warrants much more serious consequences so she’ll actually think about it and not think her excuse was valid in any way.

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@JLeslie I’ve been thinking about your golf cart accident. The woman driving it is an idiot. It’s one thing to bounce down a hill in a cart with just one person in it. But putting 200+ pounds on the back made it far more unstable. I’m mad that she didn’t think of it.

@tranquilsea I remember having to pee when I was pregnant…but I’d pee my pants before I’d put my kids in that kind of danger. (I remember sitting at a stop light and having to suddenly open my door and vomit! Poor pregnant people!)

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@Dutchess_III Thanks. It is especially bothersome to me because I am rather conservative about speed and safety, so she took me on a ride I would never approve of, even if nothing had happened. If it had been my husband driving the cart, I would have been ranting at him for his irresponsibility even if nothing had gone wrong.

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I hope you get to feeling better soon @JLeslie

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96 is reckless no matter if you have to pee, are preg, etc.
Escort her to the closest place to pee and then write her the ticket.

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We can’t assume that she didn’t potty before she left. I’ve been pregnant and remember very well being outraged; “I just went, damnit!”
That said, 96 MPH is far too risky. One timy steering wheel swerve and you can go out of control. Accidental bladder release = embarrassing but survivable. Accidental crash at 96 MPH with 2 and one pending = multiple death tragedy.

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Escort her with your car to the next possible place for her to take care of her personal needs, let her do that, and then ticket her.

Aside from the danger to her kids, she’s a danger to everyone else on the road.

I see I’m not the first to that response, either.

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Give her the ticket. She was receklessly endangering the two live kids and putting herself and the fetus at risk.

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She probably did pee before she got on the interstate. I was unable to move at 8 and a half months pregnant, much less drag two kids with me and get in a car. I probably would have told her that she had my sympathies, but given her a ticket for something and then told her to find a way of getting around that didn’t involve speeding on the motorway with her kids.

That kind of speeding here in Norway would have actually gotten her license taken away. That would be much more inconvenient than having to call a relative to run an errand.

I really would have told her to go home and put her feet up and call her family for help. How absolutely miserable for her, but very very stupid.

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@john65pennington the least you could have done would have been to offer her a mason jar~

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Blueilznh….....I did not have a Mason jar in my First Aid Kit. I can just see me hiding this pregnant woman from oncoming traffic, while she peed in a Mason jar.

And, know all the people that have cameras in their cellphones, someone would have taken a picture and there it is on the front cover of the morning newspaper.

I am contend with my decision to let her go, with just a warning. I was in no mood to deliver a baby on the interstate.

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@john65pennington i was just messin with ya~

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Suggest that cops in your area carry a go girl or two in the vehicle that they can hand out as needed in cases like this. No man that I know would have to race to find a bathroom simply to urinate.

Inelegantly put: The world is my bathroom. Women should have the same utility.

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I’m a guy and I got pulled over in Ohio for speeding. I stopped at the rest stop and told the cop to give me a ticket if is wanted but I have to pee first. I had already driven 200 miles and had three coffees and a bottle of water. I was due. He let me go, probably because he didn’t want to wait for me to pee.

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