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Best amazing animal facts?

Asked by occ (4080points) May 25th, 2008

I just learned that a blue whale’s heart is the size of a volkswagon, and a small child could walk upright through its aorta. I’m nerding out! Anyone else want to share?

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The fastest animal on earth is the Peregrine Falcon. Actually, I think learned that here.

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Brown bats have been known to attack Walruses when the mosquito supply is low.

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Dinosaur DNA has been sequenced and matches the DNA of chickens.

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a hedgehog is the only animal besides a human that masturbates. And there are pink dolphins in the amazon. Dont believe me google it.

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Among vertebrates, the Argentine Blue-bill duck has the longest penis in relative to its body size. Quack quack.

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That’s what she said!

I’m soo sorry.

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You should’ve saved this question for
the day shift, I think.

Zack (IP), you’re still here?

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Human feces is 50% dead bacteria.

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Bacteria in your intestines keeps you from bleeding to death by making vitamin K for you.

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That dogs/cats anal glands need to be sqeezed! YUCK!!!

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Pepper spray doesn’t work on Pit Bulls.

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Dolphins are the only other animals besides humans that have sex for pleasure, not just reproduction…

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I read that Bonobos (a type of chimp) enjoy sex for pleasure, as well. Also, they are the only other animal that has been known to have intercourse face to face.

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An ostrich’s eye is bigger than it’s brain.

I think this anomaly is found in certain humans as well.

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All mammals except sloths have 7 cervical vertebrae. Sloths have between 6 and 8.

Yes, Bonobos do have sex or genital-genital rubbing for pleasure or for post-conflict resolution.

Armadillos can get leprosy.

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The Nordic Tree Penguin is the only penguin indigenous to the northern hemisphere.

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Spargett… did you watch Big Brother… I think that applied to Adam. ??? What do you think? LOL

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Pregnant female cats can have more than one father per litter.

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the walrus has the 2nd largest penis out of all mammals. i have the 1st.

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good 50 First Dates reference there zack

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A pig’s orgasm lasts something like 18 minutes. That’s why bacon tastes so good!

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Some primates (Marmosets) can undergo chimerism, whereby dizygotic (2 different fathers) twins in utero will exchange genetic information, with the result of each twin being more genetically similar to its uncle than its father. Cool stuff.

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Peacock Mantis Shrimp attack by swinging their raptorial claws at the prey, and are capable of inflicting serious damage on victims significantly greater in size than themselves. In smashers, these two weapons are employed with blinding quickness, with an acceleration of 10,400 g and speeds of 23 m/s from a standing start, about the speed and force of a .22 caliber bullet. Because they strike so rapidly, they generate cavitation bubbles between the appendage and the striking surface. The collapse of these cavitation bubbles produce measurable forces on their prey in addition to the instantaneous forces of 1,500 N that are caused by the impact of the appendage against the striking surface, which means that the prey is hit twice by a single strike; first by the claw and then by the collapsing cavitation bubbles that immediately follow . Even if the initial strike misses the prey, the resulting shock wave can be enough to kill or stun the prey.”

That makes them the animal with the hardest hit proportional to body size. They also have the most advanced eyes in the animal kingdom.

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on the topic of shrimp:

The pistol shrimp can shoot a blast of water at a speed of 100km/h and at the temperature of the sun.

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The geoduck is proof that God has a sense of humor. I wish I could link to Google images, I don’t know how, but look it up.

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It’s the most phallic animal I have ever seen. My 3rd grade teacher started teaching us about them and when she got out a picture she just started cracking up.

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I once heard that dolphins are the horniest animals.

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Have you never met Mtl_zack?

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Hahaha. Is he the horniest animal?

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Dolphin no!! they all cute!!

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quote from Glee
“do you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?”
looks are her friend with ahh

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