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Can I buy more than one iPhone?

Asked by mark (225points) June 28th, 2007

Apple's got a tight lid on information regarding Friday's release of their new iPhone. Does anyone know if they'll sell you more than one, or if there's a per person limit?

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I just read last night that they will be limiting people to 1 phone each.

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I heard two per person, but I'm sure you can get more if you try

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Apple announced this morning that iPhone sales will be limited to two per person, max, through Apple. AT&T; stores will only allow you to buy one. This may explain the number difference.

Happy iPhone Eve . . .

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It's 29 June here in New Zealand. If only we could buy iPhones... :^)

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Wow, Thanks! I'll be sure to go to the Apple store instead of AT&T; as I had planned.

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Just as another FYI for iPhone followers getting their phones from AT&T;, here's what to expect. Check out this "Rejection Script" lifted from the iPhone Launch Training Guide as a way to counter customer objections:

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You can also purchase iPhones directly from the Apple online store, 2 per person starting at 6pm on the 29th. This is the way I'd be going, as waiting in line is not what I like to do, and a couple days of shipping wouldn't kill me :)

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its one iPhone per person at the Apple Store where I work. It might be different in other states but according to a corporate email our store got, we'll only have one per person since the iPhones are limited in stock.

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I think you can, but you won’t receive the discount twice.

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