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It looks like a species of wolf spider. (That’s a pretty badly desiccated sample.)

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Dimed size with the legs?

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I was worried about the brown recluse. We get those here. That’s not one.

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I’ll vote wolf spider as well.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yeah, with the leg it’s dime-sized.

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A brown recluse is huge in the body. You’re okay. That does look like a wolf spider.

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Dadgoneit! I went and looked at that picture and then, of course, I couldn’t rest until I knew for sure so I googled Brown Recluse. I went to a site that also listed Wolf spiders, thank-you-very-much. (Four freaking inches across? Whose fucked-up idea was that?) I have to go to bed in a few minutes. Sharing the bed with me this evening will be the large, economy sized case of the willies. But hopefully, no damn recluses.
Next time can you please ask about butterflies? Or ice cream?

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From @syz link, I came across this picture which sure has markings like ours.

So the Rabid wolf spider. (I won’t pass along the full name…).

Thanks for the help.

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@syz is correct. I don’t believe the picture of yours is a full adult.

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Definitely a Wolf Spider, we used to get them in the Barracks all the time. They normally don’t bite unless provoked, and they are non-venomous/non-allergen so you should have any problems with them in the house (except having them IN the house). If I still had them I would show you a picture of the scars I got from getting bit by one, but they’re completely healed. I’m a Diabetic too, so if I can heal from its bite then you have NOTHING to worry about…except going to sleep thinking its babies are going to crawl up your nose while you sleep like I did :(

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I have no trouble getting to sleep among the creepy crawlers. I may die of a bite, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to be well rested.

And believe me, I’m not going to let her read your little creep story. Because she will keep me awake and not in a good way.

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@Trillian GA, I felt the same way looking at blown up pictures of the squished spider. 4 inch spiders! What a stupid idea, where are those Intelligent Design people now!!?

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