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Ok, I FINALLY saw the latest Pirates of The Carribean (Black Pearl) movie and I am annoyed. Caution - Spoilers.

Asked by jlm11f (12403points) May 25th, 2008

WHAT was that??????? I know I am like two years late in being disappointed, but I feel the need to rant. Is there supposed to be another movie? What kind of happy ending is 10 yrs apart, 1 day together? Its a DISNEY movie for pete’s sake. Is this an elaborate joke? Too long a movie, bad dialogues, horrible ending. Au contraire, it was better than the second, imo, but still! GaH! What did YOU think of the movie? (ps – sorry for ranting!)

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I agree with you, the third is better than the second but still pretty damn bad. The first was absolutely great but I guess it was just a fluke and they couldn’t do it again. I find that I usually don’t sit well with sequals, no matter how open minded I try to be.

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I will agree, I got very bored watching the final pirates. Come on pirate king. The special effects were cool. But I had a strong desire to leave. Disney milked it for sure. And I hope they dont make more. I dont think they can get worse.

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Black Pearl was the first Pirates movie. I think you mean At Worlds End.

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why are you suprised? It is Disney afterall. Aside from that Hollywood hardly ever gets it right the second time around and as of late they don’t even get it right the first time around. There is only so many ways to tell the same story.

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They are making a 4th movie and u know that u’ll watch it, even if it is trash. The third was just so long, I had to pee so bad! I almost nodded off during the scene with depp & the crabs. I think that they were trying to add some drama to the movies to keep people interested. Its kinda trying to be like a pirate version of star wars. I’m hoping that this next movie will have more blind adventure than the same old father/son destiny bullcrap.

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The second was so bad I have not been able to bring myself to watch the third, and I may never after reading this thread. Thanks for the heads up.

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The main point of those flicks is the eye candy, and the special effects – and the third installment was great for both of these reasons.

You can’t seriously watch these movies and expect some sort of intellectual or spiritual fulfillment, you go to be distracted / entertained.

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Travel to de end o’ de eart!

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@ AstroChuck – i am sure you are right. I am bad with these long named movies and all i could remember was will turner really wanted the black pearl for freeing his dad.

@ Marina – I avoided it for the longest time, but I knew I would succumb eventually. Once I start a series, I just must finish them no matter how torturous the outcome.

@ Amurph – I really wasn’t watching it for any kind of upper level enrichment, but I feel that I did not receive the entertainment these movies intend to bring either.

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seriously!the first one was really good, the second one was horrible, and the third one was just lame and thinly strung with terrible characterization

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Wow. I’m surprised at the consensus! I absolutely loved all three! The thickness of atmosphere just can’t be beat, visually these three movies just MAKE the genre.

But my favorite part is the whole three-movie arc as it relates to the notions of magic and freedom on the one hand and capitalist empire and the enclosure of the commons on the other. The whole arc is so much more meaty than ANYTHING in it’s class (big-budget Hollywood franchises). The East India Company brings capitalist empire (instead of just old-fashioned empire) to the free Caribbean. There’s this whole subtext about hope and magic and beauty resisting regimentation and hierarchy and power as the Pirate world wrestles with how to deal with the end of freedom (literally, free, unfettered space on the high seas) in the form of Company.

Jack and Barbossa survey the carcass of the Kraken. They’re trying to deal with the enormity of what they’re looking at: Empire and Capital have grown so powerful that they have succeeded in slaying this symbol of nature’s (the sea’s; the wild’s; magic’s) power. Barbossa: “The world’s getting so much smaller.” Jack: “No, there’s just a lot less in it.”

The time period is such a pivotal one, and these films have so much fun with the genre and the subject matter. SO great! I love ‘em!

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Wow! Breathtaking analysis. Sadly, I think Disney just wanted to make money.

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@ Mangus – Ironically, when that quote came on in the movie, I actually commented “okay, that doesn’t even make sense”. I just had to tell you, because it is strange you mentioned the SAME quote.

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