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On a blade of green grass kissed by the morning dew, a...

Asked by AuroraSolei (222points) April 1st, 2012

Finish this in poetic format, but you must add on to what was written last. No repeating-lets see where the creativity can go.

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beautiful lady rested after her morning jog,
waiting for me to return from my morning journeys.
I knew I was loved and cherished so much.
I went to her on bent knee and professed my eternal love.

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guy ran by who reminded me of you.
My heart skipped a beat and I forgot how to breathe,
Since he reminded me of one for whom my heart does grieve.

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As I continued to breath through the grief,
I felt the dew slide off the blade,
into the silk of my hand.
As if mother nature had just shed a tear
on my behalf.

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touch of brown spot
began its relentless death march.
Issuing forth.
The bane
of suburbia.

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tiny gnat struggled to the end
trapped, airless and suspended
in a glistening globe
of merciless water.

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The death of a life
That may come from a tear
May not be your own
But that of someone near

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