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Can you use a Magic Jack or Ooma with WiFi?

Asked by guywithanaccountnow (313points) April 2nd, 2012

I’ve only seen people plugging them into desktop computers on the commercials. But they let you make and receive calls using the internet, so would it really matter what kind of computer you plug them into as long as the computer in question has access to the internet?

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You’re talking about VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), and while Skype offers the same functionality without the need for a peripheral (except of course your phone or most likely a headset or built-in microphone), Magic Jack seems to be a popular choice.Since this product is available as a smart-phone app, it already is embracing the wonderful world of wi-fi.

But whether you’d want your private calls going out over wi-fi, that’s another question entirely.

Anywho, if you’re looking for an actual gizmo for your PC, you’re in luck… if you’re patient. The company is planning to release a wi-fi chip adapted peripheral in the latter half of 2012.


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Yes, I have a Magic Jack plugged into a netbook with a wi-fi connection.

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