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Since when is the bombing of an abortion or a Planned Parenthood clinic pro-life?

Asked by Brian1946 (23393points) April 2nd, 2012

I know some anti-choice extremists defend the assassination of abortion providers by spinning it as preventing the “murder” of the unborn, but what if a pregnant mother and her unborn child are killed in a fire or an explosion?

Have any of these terrorists or their supporters tried to rationalize these acts with a “pro-life” spin?

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@Brian1946 Yeah, murder to stop abortion makes as much sense as screwing for chastity.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yeah, or telling kids not to smoke, all the while puffing on one.

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This is why these terrorists are more properly referred to as the pro-life-until-birth crowd. Once you’re out of the womb, it’s hunting season.

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It’s not. I don’t think most “pro-life” are fanatics and/or terrorists.

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Utterly illogical…and unGodly.

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It’s not, it’s domestic terrorism. But, you know what? This is actually quite common. Abortionists have to deal with the possibility that today might be the day they get bombed, or shot at. This isn’t some unusual incident, this is on par for the course.

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Damn it- I can’t believe I used a link to an article on a Glen Beck-founded website. :-/

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People with irrational beliefs doing stupid shit? Nothing to see here people, move along.

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@Brian1946 Would you prefer some Daily Kos? The AP via CBS? Washington Post? Think Progress? The official Planned Parenthood release? Rick Santorum on Talking Points Memo? The legal definition of “terrorism”?

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@Aethelflaed I’m seriously thinking about getting my details edited.

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ETA: You know that Fluther will let me post just an XD whispered, but not a :) whispered?

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The protestors were out in full force at the Milwaukee clinic this Sunday, too. They were blocking the doors at the curb (just where they can legally get away with it). I had thought about telling my husband to stop the car so I could go out & try to get into the clinic…I should have. I was wondering what was going on. I should’ve known it had to do with tomorrow’s voting.

@Brian1946 There’s no making sense of it. These bombings and even close protests are done by vigilante personality types. They are looking to make waves. They are not interested in educating themselves, or in having empathy for others.

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I think the OP was temporarily pulled for an edit, which might be why your smiley wasn’t whispered.

I was completely blocked from posting an answer before at which time I saw a blue banner indicating that my question was flagged.

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Since people used “sometimes to save many you must sacrifice a few” as a reason to do anything.

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[mod says] I tried to change the link as requested, but couldn’t get it to work. I went ahead and just removed the 2nd link altogether.

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Thanks @augustlan

How odd. ;-0

At least you got rid of the Glen Beck link for me, and the other links are in @Aethelflaed‘s answer anyway.

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It’s a failing on my part. I’ve tried and tried, but have never managed to successfully edit a link in our system. So frustrating!

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I guess it’s probably like those environmentalists who set a bunch of Hummers on fire a few years ago…..or the fucktards who blow up animal testing places…when you’re batshit crazy, it’s all relative.

Glen Beck is hilarious…not intentionally of course, but still funny. Paranoid people are always a little entertaining.

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They obviously don’t understand the irony of their actions. Crazy people be crazy.

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@Keep_on_running I think it requires a certain amount of open-mindedness/critical-thinking skills (not necessarily a lot, but at least some) to be able to recognize irony.

Fundamentalists and other myopic types are rarely able to.

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@FutureMemory Irony isn’t one of their strong points as you said! The thing that always vexes me about this is what would the fundamentalists do if they needed medical help and that help was an abortion or death? What would they do?

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They would pray to their Lord for a miraculous cure. Or they would find a way to justify it, I suppose :)

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